Starting from its interests in mouse genetics, the Unit has contributed widely both to progress in our knowledge of mouse genomics to studies on complex trait genetics and multifactorial and multigenic inheritance through its studies on type 1 diabetes in the mouse and, through its studies on the process of X-inactivation, to our understanding of facets of epigenetics.

Present research activities of the Mouse Molecular Genetics Unit are organised around two principal themes. The first concerns the epigenetic mechanisms of cellular and transcriptional control. Our studies on X-inactivation and the Nap112 (Nucleosomal assembly protein) gene fall under this heading through the central importance of chromatin structure and modification to their action. The second research theme concerns the genetics of polygenic and multifactorial inheritance. The model that we have studied for over a dozen years now concerns the genetic predisposition of the NOD (Non-obese diabetic) mouse to develop Type 1 diabetes.