Picture group members

Staff scientists: BADIS-BREARD, Gwenael; FEUERBACH Frank; FROMONT-RACINE, Micheline; JACQUIER, Alain; MALABAT, Christophe; NAMANE, Abdelkader; SAVEANU, Cosmin

Junior scientists: CHERRY-FALEME, Alicia; DEFENOUILLERE, Quentin; DEHECQ, Marine; ZHANG, Elodie

Bioinformatics engineers: MALESYS, Simon; KERGROHEN, Thomas

Technicians: DECOURTY, Laurence; DOYEN, Antonia

Media preparation: OREUS, Lucia; MOULIN, Monique; CHEVALIER, Jennifer

Administration: LABOUISE, Odile

Summer 2013 group picture

Former lab members

ZEMAM, Kenza; LASCU, Ioan; DEMOINET, Emilie; YAO, Yanhua; MONCION, Thomas; MOUAIKEL, John; NEIL, Helen; LAZAR-STEFANITA, Luciana

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