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Experimental approach of biofilm formation: continuous-flow microfermentors (MF)

We designed a continuous-flow culture system where biofilm formation can be reproducibly monitored and controlled in micro-fermentors developed at the Pasteur Institute (see Figure).

This model is the main experimental biofilm model used in the laboratory and proved to be particularly adapted to the study of biofilm formation in all microorganisms tested so far. The current set up is well adapted to genetic investigations through parallel analysis of multiple strains. The media conditions are controlled and the rapid imposed debit rate is incompatible with planktonic growth. Hence, most of the observed growth occurs on the available surfaces inside the micro-fermentors and biofilm formation (1 to 2 mm form in 24/72 H) can be monitored on removable slides (see Fig). The biomass recovered from the surface allows further microscopy genetic or biochemistry analysis (i.e. Protein profiling, RNA extraction etc…).


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Watch the introductory Video clip of MF installation and use