IRCS current breeding status

Figure legend : This graph represents the current status of the strains. Each vertical bar represents one IRCS. It is green if the strain is still alive; it is red if the strain is extinct. 118 strains were initiated, 55 of which are still breeding.
Strains derived from the same backcross male are grouped within an horizontal square bracket with the number of the backcross male below (in blue).
The vertical axis indicates the number of generations of inbreeding. Each box of a vertical bar represents one generation, up to 40. For extinct strains, the number of boxes indicates the number of generations after which the strain stopped breeding. Yellow boxes below the baseline show the additional backcrosses (1 or 2) that were performed to avoid strain extinction. Open yellow boxes indicate that the backcross was unsuccessful in rescueing the strain.

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Last update : 14 Sep 2007