List of genotyped IRCS and ICS


BcG-5A BcG-40C BcG-66H BcG-119H BcG-135B BcG-137B BcG-144B BcG13
BcG-5C BcG-40E BcG-97C BcG-120C BcG-135C BcG-137C BcG-144C BcG14
BcG-5D BcG-40G BcG-97H BcG-120G BcG-135D BcG-137E BcG-144E BcG16
BcG-5E BcG-44D BcG-103A BcG-122C BcG-135E BcG-137F BcG-157A BcG18
BcG-5G BcG-44H BcG-103B BcG-122D BcG-135F BcG-137G BcG-157D BcF19
BcG-6A BcG-49A BcG-103C BcG-122E BcG-135G BcG-137H BcG-157E
BcG-6C BcG-66E BcG-103E BcG-122F BcG-136E BcG-142A BcG-157F
BcG-6D BcG-66G BcG-119B BcG-135A BcG-137A BcG-142C BcG6

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Last update : 26 Mar 2008