IRCS Composite Genetic Map

Figure legend : This map represents the genome of the mouse. White ticks along the chromosomes are spaced at 20 Mb interval.
Loci positions were taken from from NCBI Build 35 and are approximate.
Each yellow, pink or blue bar represents a marker that was genotyped on most of the 55 IRCS and 6 ICS. This map compiles the data from all strains. The color of each bar depends on the genotype of the strains. The bar is yellow when at least one of the strains is spretus homozygous; it is pink when no strain is S homozygous but at least one strain segregates for the B and S alleles. Solid blue bars depict loci for which all strains are B homozygous,while open blue boxes depict loci for which no S allele was found but for which some strains were not yet genotyped.
Click on the chromosome centromere to show the chromosome map with the detailed haplotypes of each strain.
Click on a locus bar to show the genotype of all strains at this locus

List of strains
List of markers

Chr1 map Chr2 map Chr3 map Chr4 map Chr5 map Chr6 map Chr7 map Chr8 map Chr9 map Chr10 map Chr11 map Chr12 map Chr13 map Chr14 map Chr15 map Chr16 map Chr17 map Chr18 map Chr19 map ChrX map gnf01.004.22 rs3667692 rs3726952 D1Mit64 rs6201380 rs13475744 rs120682980 D1Mit4 rs6272930 rs6379161 rs3692113 D1Mit247 rs3662842 rs13459182 D1Mit235 rs3659331 D1Mit237 rs13475879 rs13475886 rs3022802 rs4222406 rs13475909 D1Mit380 D1Mit24 rs13475926 rs8253473 D1Mit134 D1Mit50 rs6234856 D1Mit306 rs13476016 rs13476036 rs13476039 D1Mit187 rs13476083 rs13476089 D1Mit218 rs13476114 rs120683709 rs13476155 rs13476158 rs13476163 rs13476177 rs3676801 D1Mit401 D1Mit150 rs4136041 D1Mit207 rs3714960 rs13476295 D1Mit17 rs3713460 D1Mit293 rs13476318 D2Mit1 rs13476358 D2Mit6 CEL-2_238477 D2Mit32 D2Mit417 D2Mit367 rs13476435 rs13476452 rs13476466 CEL-2_506050 rs13476494 rs120684351 rs13476530 D2Mit61 rs13476551 rs13476567 D2Mit11 rs3713454 D2Mit220 rs6383180 UT_2_105.436 rs6208879 rs13476700 rs3693678 CEL-2_115070 rs8281185 rs13476739 D2Mit17 rs3667348 rs13476758 rs6288723 rs3684247 D2Mit223 rs13476832 rs3662117 D2Mit22 rs13473843 rs3683092 rs3668944 rs13476866 D2Mit55 rs13476871 rs6152944 rs3664408 rs3705202 D2Mit51 rs3696904 rs13476891 D2Mit111 rs13463139 rs8238755 rs3679483 D2Mit74 gnf03.002.45 D3Mit54 rs3677150 D3Mit203 rs120685294 rs13475616 D3Mit21 rs120685348 rs3719360 D3Mit170 rs13477132 rs6239288 rs6198234 D3Mit22 rs6264454 rs120685534 rs120685541 rs3677276 rs13477218 rs13477223 rs6196421 D3Mit9 rs6224931 rs120685669 rs13477276 D3Mit283 rs13477317 rs13477321 rs3676545 rs6406405 CEL-3_120229 gnf03.125.20 rs3691246 rs13477379 rs3671119 rs6321924 rs13477412 D3Mit14 rs3724110 gnf03.138.84 rs3720498 rs13477469 rs120686005 D3Mit44 rs3696452 D3Mit322 rs3656403 D3Mit163 D4Mit149 rs13477541 rs13477569 rs3680907 D4Mit260 rs13459074 gnf04.018.15 gnf04.019.13 rs13477606 rs6175954 CEL-4_276037 rs120686231 D4Mit172 rs120686274 D4Mit109 D4Mit270 D4Mit38 D4Mit295 rs13477735 rs13477745 rs6222684 gnf04.072.54 D4Mit81 rs13477814 rs13477824 rs6209043 rs13477841 D4Mit9 CEL-4_959768 rs13477863 D4Mit58 rs3692563 rs3688968 rs120686732 D4Mit11 D4Mit203 rs4224808 rs13477994 rs3663950 D4Mit148 mCV22757103 D4Mit49 D4Mit33 rs13478053 rs13478069 D4Mit59 rs3664617 rs120686962 rs6245801 D5Mit48 rs3692422 rs6164526 rs13481340 rs6353097 CEL-5_146117 rs13478119 rs6167281 rs3697291 rs6256752 rs3671575 rs13478146 CEL-5_242110 rs13478156 rs13478162 D5Mit195 rs6196732 rs13478188 D5Mit351 rs3703261 rs6236042 rs13478209 rs120687244 D5Mit183 D5Mit254 rs3656989 rs6409508 rs13478354 D5Mit359 rs120687446 rs3657487 rs4138778 rs3712722 D5Mit155 rs3694887 rs120687548 rs13478450 rs3725274 D5Mit25 rs3719767 rs13478486 CEL-5_117736 rs13478494 D5Mit118 D5Mit95 rs13478521 rs6329591 rs13478535 rs13478542 D5Mit167 D5Mit101 rs13478621 rs13478628 rs13478639 rs6330133 D6Mit346 rs6369771 rs13478687 rs13478698 rs13478720 rs6372575 D6Mit278 UT_6_56.4902 rs6157367 rs13478819 rs3663024 rs120688264 rs6268125 D6Mit363 rs3659436 D6Mit103 rs6292642 rs120688420 gnf06.106.18 rs6204829 rs13478997 rs3707602 rs6257334 rs6211640 D6Mit151 rs3670851 rs3688358 rs102880122 D6Mit301 rs13479064 rs6387265 D6Mit201 D7Mit21 rs3700068 rs6384973 rs6364065 rs13479163 mCV25220583 rs6388890 rs3694031 D7Mit310 rs3680765 rs3687031 rs6222568 rs13479262 rs3693038 rs13479277 mCV23423763 D7Mit88 rs6160140 rs13479311 rs8268322 rs120689049 rs13479363 rs6394492 D7Mit31 rs4226783 rs6357312 rs13479451 rs120689280 D7Mit40 CEL-7_116160 D7Mit106 D7Mit207 D7Mit291 D8Mit155 rs13479605 rs13479608 rs3660469 rs3678678 rs3699325 D8Mit222 rs120689585 D8Mit204 rs3670150 rs4227132 rs3706426 rs6386110 rs6260564 rs13479744 rs6285908 rs6244635 rs120689753 rs3657344 UT_8_72.0754 D8Mit341 rs13479835 rs4227253 rs13479844 D8Mit236 rs13479880 rs3023195 rs120689992 rs13479922 D8Mit32 rs13479935 rs3687643 rs120690109 D8Mit89 D8Mit13 rs13480035 rs13480052 rs13480057 rs3695693 rs13480084 rs13480088 rs13480109 rs13480122 rs3655898 rs13480138 D9Mit153 D9Mit140 rs4135590 rs3700385 rs3710199 D9Mit299 rs13480201 rs3688570 rs3708863 D9Mit102 rs3672857 rs6317714 rs6315093 rs3154890 rs6257131 rs3686004 rs3673457 rs3693091 D9Mit272 CEL-9_958137 rs6244819 rs13480362 D9Mit355 rs3707740 rs6231434 CEL-9_105850 rs6261192 UT_9_113.827 D9Mit1000 D9Mit137 rs6229298 D9Mit351 D10Mit123 rs13459119 D10Mit16 rs120691112 rs3685111 D10Mit105 rs13480559 rs120691153 rs13480579 rs120691213 rs3699726 rs3706577 D10Mit58 rs3696307 rs13480619 D10Mit115 rs3717445 D10Mit22 D10Mit263 rs13480734 rs6246096 D10Mit134 rs6333891 D10Mit233 rs3680872 D10Mit180 D10Mit238 rs120691706 D11Mit1 rs3659787 rs13480851 rs13480859 gnf11.006.47 rs120691752 rs6397172 D11Mit162 rs3723990 D11Mit51 rs6169571 rs13481008 rs13481012 D11Mit154 rs120692047 rs6371333 D11Mit155 rs13481054 rs3711357 D11Mit193 rs6299418 rs3658906 rs3701609 D11Mit7 rs13481117 D11Mit38 rs3720112 rs13481166 D11Mit289 rs3686516 rs6386362 D11Mit290 rs3669823 rs13481226 D11Mit128 rs3662930 rs13481249 D12Mit135 rs3665012 rs13481300 rs3653621 D12Mit184 rs120692608 rs3708270 rs13481410 D12Mit61 rs13481426 rs3709102 rs13481456 D12Mit65 rs3705833 rs13481489 rs3667110 rs13481522 D12Mit129 rs3700106 gnf12.075.34 D12Mit227 D12Mit239 rs13481601 rs13481604 rs6184745 D12Mit180 D12Mit181 Igh rs13481669 rs3691785 rs3701757 rs6307428 rs3693929 rs6367784 rs120693314 rs6168984 rs3700038 D13Mit61 rs3685941 rs120693400 rs6308694 D13Mit183 rs3707721 rs6372629 rs3690198 D13Mit43 rs3683418 rs6395328 gnf13.079.67 D13Mit285 CEL-13_85525 rs3697911 D13Mit47 rs13481995 rs3692862 D13Mit130 D13Mit32 D14Mit10 rs3687346 rs3090818 rs3719629 D14Mit252 rs3658866 D14Mit209 gnf14.018.58 rs13482105 rs13482132 rs13482135 D14Mit141 rs6373839 rs6278789 rs6360386 D14Mit262 rs13482239 rs120694212 rs120694218 rs13482258 rs3665356 rs3665803 rs120694276 rs6379772 rs3681573 gnf14.103.04 rs6169596 D14Mit200 rs3722416 rs3671398 rs3711767 rs3691815 rs13482403 D14Mit267 rs120694501 D15Mit13 rs13459177 CEL-15_83311 rs13482425 rs6206798 rs6210607 rs13482507 rs8267890 rs6188239 D15Mit6 rs3660608 rs13482533 rs3716768 rs13482543 rs4138760 rs3697419 D15Mit183 rs6258470 rs6208973 rs13482618 D15Mit213 rs3721322 CEL-15_73977 D15Mit240 CEL-15_83750 D15Mit34 rs4231012 rs13482744 D15Mit35 D16Mit8 D16Mit100 D16Mit34 rs4167574 rs4174320 D16Mit137 rs4184636 rs4187596 D16Mit5 rs4207939 rs4216475 D16Mit204 rs3667161 CEL-17_21879 rs6397584 rs13482937 D17Mit175 D17Mit24 rs13482999 D17Mit49 D17Mit107 rs3709891 rs3716288 rs6193898 rs120695493 rs6272475 rs3703241 rs6185805 D17Mit185 rs6155172 D17Mit242 gnf17.082.28 rs6263123 D17Mit189 rs3670275 rs13483163 D18Mit64 D18Mit20 rs13483221 rs13483237 rs6305298 rs13483251 rs3662301 rs3723947 rs6286913 gnf18.028.73 rs3703106 rs13483321 rs3722777 D18Mit58 rs13483370 D18Mit123 rs3655793 rs13483401 rs3701613 CEL-18_73439 rs13483442 rs3720876 D18Mit129 rs3671707 D19Mit32 D19Mit31 rs13483548 rs13483558 D19Mit60 D19Mit81 D19Mit120 D19Mit112 D19Mit49 D19Mit55 rs6259462 rs3658400 D19Mit137 CEL-X_833494 rs13483724 gnfX.023.543 rs13483745 CEL-X_441243 rs13483770 gnfX.044.260 rs13483811 CEL-X_779376 rs13484000 rs13484040 CEL-X_155234

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