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The structural bioinformatics research group was created in March 2001. Our research focuses on the relationship between sequence, three-dimensional structure, and function of proteins, using, among others, modelling techniques and molecular dynamics simulations. We also continue the development of software for automated NMR structure calculations, and are collaborating with structural genomics projects and the structure databases. We have established collaborations with experimental groups at the Institut Pasteur and elsewhere, for example, in atomic force spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, and microscopy. The aim of our research is to complement structural studies (X-rays, NMR, Electron microscopy, and others) with in silico studies, to:

Our research topics include medically relevant molecular processes (infectious diseases, cancer, and the action of general anesthetics).

Group members

Prof. Michael Nilges Professor michael.nilges [at]
Permanent staff
Arnaud Blondel Researcher arnaud.blondel [at]
Pak-Lee Chau Researcher pak-lee.chau [at]
Thérèse Malliavin CNRS Researcher therese.malliavin [at]
Edouard Yeramian CNRS Researcher edouard.yeramian [at]
Benjamin Bardiaux CNRS Researcher benjamin.bardiaux [at]
Quang Tru Huynh IT Engineer quang-tru.huynh [at]
Nathalie Duclert-Savatier Engineer nathalie.duclert-savatier [at]
Maya Um [at]
Silke Wieninger silke.wieninger [at]
Mathias Ferber mathias.ferber [at]
Guillaume Bouvier guillaume.bouvier [at]
Marlet Martinez Archundia marlet.martinez-archundia [at]
PhD students (Supervisor)
Nathan Desdouits (Nilges/Blondel) nathan.desdouits [at]
Isidro Cortes Ciriano (Malliavin) isidro.cortes [at]
Emna Harigua (Guizani/Nilges) emna.harigua [at]
Simeon Carstens (Habeck/Nilges) simeon.carstens [at]
Mohamed Machat (Malliavin/Bardiaux) mohamed.machat [at]
Damien Monet (Nilges/Blondel) damien.monet [at]
Fabrice Allain (Nilges/Bardiaux) fabrice.allain [at]

Funded projects


Selected publications (full list)

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