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Kingella kingae MLST Database


Kingella kingae is a fastidious Gram-negative coccobacillus, described for first in 1960 by E. O. King. K. kingae is a common agent of the oropharyngeal flora in children. However, K. kingae can be also a pathogen, and with the development of current molecular techniques, is now considered as the primary pathogen of arthritis and osteomyelitis in children, especially those less than 3 years of age. More scarcely, K. kingae may cause severe invasive infections such as endocarditis in adults and children.

This MLST scheme was developed by Philippe Bidet, Romain Basmaci, Edouard Bingen and Stéphane Bonacorsi (Laboratoire de Microbiologie, Hôpital Robert-Debré, EA 3105, Paris, France) with the collaboration of Pablo Yagupsky (Soroka University Medical Center, Beer-Sheva, Israël).

The Kingella kingae MLST website contains two linked databases - one for allelic profiles and sequences, the other for isolate information. This structure offers advantages over a single database system. Further details can be found here.

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