Prevention of future SARS epidemics through the control of animal and human infection






The general objective is the prevention and control of SARS epidemics in human population.

The specific objectives are:

  • To prevent the re-emergence of SARS from its animal reservoir:
    • By identifying the animal reservoir of SARS-like coronavirus (CoV) through
      animal surveys in China including:
      • The study of animal systematics and ecology,
      • The detection and isolation of SARS-like CoV,
    • By analysing the circumstances of emergence of the SARS epidemic in
      November 2002 in the Guangdong Province, China,
    • By providing recommendations to prevent re-emergence from the animal
  • To control the spread of SARS in human populations:
    • By analysing risk factors for SARS transmission in community and hospitalbased
      epidemics in Beijing (March to June 2003),
    • By identifying clinical and viro-immunological determinants of long-term viral
      excretion in convalescent patients,
    • By re-assessing infection control measures in hospital and laboratory settings
      during the past SARS control interventions in China and France,
    • By providing recommendations for the prevention of SARS transmission in
      community, hospital, and laboratory settings.


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