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Added bbu (histone-like protein) sequence lists. Updated ospA, p83/100 and fla sequence lists.
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Corrected ospC sequence lists:
Strains E61, H9, Orth and JSB are B. afzelii isolates.
Strains H13, KL10, KL11, NBS1ab, M57, W and VSDA are B. garinii isolates.
(Mol. Microbiol. 18: 257-269 (1995).). Thanks to Ian Livey.
Added to Strain List (B. garinii):
Added recA & D6 gene to sequences lists
Added recA & D6 gene to Gene-protein index
Added to Links (Conferences): Preliminary Program for VII International Conference on Lyme Borreliosis
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American Association for the Advancement of Science
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Added lon & bmpD to Gene-protein index
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ACP initiative on Lyme Disease
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American College of Physicians
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Major restructuring of gene-protein index to allow rapid expansion as genome is sequenced.
Addition of following genes to sequences & Gene-protein index:
divIB, flbA, flbB, flbC, flbD, flgB, flgC, flgE, flhA, flhB, flhF, fliE, fliF, fliG, fliH, fliI fliM, fliN, fliP, fliQ, fliR, fliZ, ftsA, ftsZ, ftsQ, ftsW, gidA, gidB, hslU, hslV, LP, LPA, LPB, motA, motB, moxR, mraY, murF, orf7, orf18, orf19, orf20, orf25, orf38, orf37, orf36, orf230, orf-A, orf-B, orf-C, orf-D, orfA, orfB, orfC, orfD, orfE, orfF, orfG, p66, proV, REP+, REP-, REV, smf, smg, thdF, ylxG, ylxH.
Added to Links (B. burgdorferi):
PUMA & Genobase B. burgdorferi pages, CUTG codon usage tables & RNAase P RNA structure.
Added to Links (Lyme Disease):
Lyme Borreliosis (Texas Department of Health), Lyme Disease Home Page, Lyme Disease information, Tick borne diseases, Eric Logigian, M.D.'s Lyme Encephalopathy, University of Nebraska Lyme Disease & tick management, Thomas Jefferson University Lyme Disease, Support Groups, Lyme Disease (University of Rhode Island), Introduction to Spirochaetes (Berkeley), American Lyme disease foundation, Bug bytes: Lyme Disease, Planet Esmond Lyme Disease, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine Canine Lyme Disease, Ron Ferris' Lyme Disease - Don't Let it happen to you, Richard C. Russell's Lyme Disease in Australia?, Brain-SPECT: Lyme Disease images, Sanochemia Borreliosis, UBSCC Newslerrer: Lyme Disease Lyme Disease Discussion group from Wustl University. Updated in Links (Lyme Disease):
Links to The Lyme Disease Network and Dr Burransco's treatment guidelines.
Added to Links (Ticks):
Lyme Disease survey and Ticks, Deer tick x500 enlarged, Common hard ticks, Mites & Ticks (Berkley) & tick-transmitted diseases in Oklahoma.
Added to Links (Other Spirochaetes):
Syphilis fact sheet, syphilis information, CSMC Syphilis, Leptospira Molecular Genetics server, Dr Roger Marshall's Infobrook Leptospira veterinary server, Microbial Zoo: Leptospira interrogans & Spirochaete in cow rumen, AAEP Answerline: Leptospirosis, Serpulina hyodysenteriae, Introduction to the bacteria, CDC Leptospirosis & Weil's Disease pages.
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Chronic Lyme Disease conference, I International Leptospirosis conference & 1st International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses.
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Bugs in the news, The Microbial Undreground, Cells Alive, MSDN (Microbial Strains Data Network), Dictionary of Cell Biology, TIGR (The Institute For Genome Research).
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Inteegra Biosciences, Kodak, R & D Systems.
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American College of Rheumatology, Institute of Biology, Biochemical Society & Royal Society of Edinburgh.
Updated Link for Society for General Microbiology
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Annual Review of Biochemistry, Annual Review of Microbiology, Cell, European Molecular Biology Network Newsletter,EMBO Journal, Journal of Immunology, Journal of Molecular Biology, New Scientist, Science, Academic Press, Cambridge University Press, Chapman & Hall, Elsevier, ISI & Thomson.
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Nature and Journal of Biological Chemistry added to Links (Journals).
S1 & S2 added to Gene Index
Turku added to Links (Conferences).
rpoB, rpoC, ospG &bapA added to Gene Index.
Outdated Medline hyperlinks changed to Entrez hyperlinks.
DNA sequence hyperlinks changed following tranfer of Genbank databases from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov to www2.ncbi.nlm.gov
List of members of Spirochete Groups & publications updated.
nagB added to Gene-protein index.
Lyme Fact sheet & diagnostic hints added to Links (Lyme Disease).
Haemophilus genome database added to Links (Molecular Biology & Microbiology Servers)
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