VII International Congress on Lyme Borreliosis

June 16-21 1996

The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California

The VII International Congress on Lyme Borreliosis promises to be a valuable and informative venue for the exchange of scientific information and progress in research on Lyme Diasease. A unique format is planned so that participants may attend the widest possible variety of scientific presentations, while also enjoying the beautiful San Franscisco Bay area.

Eight scientific topics on Lyme disease will be presented during the five-day conference:

For each of these topics, there will be a plenary session in which speakers will be invited to present state-of-the-art information. After the plenary talks, there will be a poster session, followed by concurrent sessions of oral presentations. All presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts. Two scientific topics will be covered each day except Wednesday when we take the afternoon off to enjoy San Fransisco.

The format for poster presentations is unique. A beautiful conference room is available throughout the week, allowing all-day displays of nearly 100 presentations. Two poster sessions are scheduled daily, in which the authors are asked to be available for questions. All eight scientific topics will be represented on any given day. This will give conference participants the opportunity to attend presentations from all arenas over the course of the week.

Breakout sessions for smaller groups will be scheduled for various times during the week to allow for an informal exchange of ideas and discussion about particular topics.

If you have any questions about this Congress, please contact Mary Ellen Fernandez, Fort Collins, Colerado, USA at 970 221 6426.


Robert S. Lane
Duane J. Gubler

Executive Secretary

Mary Ellen Fernandez

Program Co-Chairmen

Alan G. Barbour
Allen C. Steere


Robert S. Lane*
John F. Anderson
Lise Gern
Thomas G.T. Jaenson

Prevention & Control

Durland Fish*
Howard S. Ginsberg
Jeremy S. Gray
Joseph Piesman
Dennis J. White

Surveillance & Epidemiology

David T. Dennis*
Matthew L. Carter
Charlene C. DeMarco
Klaus Hansen
Robert P. Smith

Clinical Manifestations, Case Series & Treatment

Gary P. Wormser*
Eva Ashbrink
Kenneth B. Liegner
Eric L. Logigian
Benjamin J. Luft

Laboratory Diagnosis

Russell C. Johnson*
Frank Dressler
Barbara J. B. Johnson
David H. Persing
Bettina Wilske
Martina Ziska

Biology & Genetics

Patricia A. Rosa*
Sven A. Bergström
Carrie A. N. Hughes
Isabelle Saint Girons
Thomas G. Schwan

Vaccines & Immunology

Erol Fikrig*
Linda K. Bockenstedt
Raymond J. Dattwyler
Gary Peltz
Markus M. Simon

*Subcommittee Chair

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