Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I tell if the pages have been updated without checking them every day?

A. Enter your e-mail address to receive e-mail when these pages are updated.

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Q. I wish to cite your pages. How should I refer to them?
A. If you wish to cite these pages, please quote:
Old,I.G., Postic,D., Baranton,G., & Saint Girons.I. (1995)
The Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato Molecular Genetics Server.

Q. How can I speed up my connection time?
A.The pages should load faster without images
Connections should be faster outwith the working hours of the Pasteur Institute (France = GMT +1 hour).
eg New York (USA) is 6 hours behind Paris time
San Francisco (USA) is 9 hours behind Paris time
Edinburgh (Scotland) is 1 hour behind Paris time
Melbourne (Australia) is 8 hours ahead of Paris time (I think!)

Q. I have difficulty reading gene names in italics:
A. Increasing the font size by 1 or 2 pts will make italics easier to read

Q. For some reason, the table format doesn't work on my PC with my version of Netscape. All the entries run together in one large paragraph.
A. The earliest version of Netscape does not recognize the table function. The tables worked after installation of Netscape 1.22, which in addition required a Windows 3.2 update. (Thanks to Steve Norris).
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