Résumé de : SUREAU (P), KLEIN (JM), CASALS (J), DIGOUTTE (JP), SALAUN (JJ), PIAZAK (N) & CALVO (MA) - 1980 - Isolement des virus Thogoto, Wad Medani, Wanowrie et de la fièvre hémorragique de Crimée-Congo en Iran à partir de tiques d'animaux domestiques. Annales de Virologie (Institut Pasteur),131 E, pp. 185-200.

During an entomological and arborological survey conducted in 1978 in the north-eastern region of Iran, ticks have been collected from domestic and wild mammals for virus isolation attempts.
The criteria for the identification of these ticks are evaluated and the pertinent litterature is reviewed.
The virus identifications performed in the Pasteur lnstitutes of Teheran and Dakar as well as in the YARU (Newhaven) have confirmed the isolation of two isolates of Thogoto virus and one isolate of Wad Medani virus from Hyalomma anatolicum ticks, two isolates of Wanovrie virus from Hyalomma asiaticum ticks, and one isolate of Crimean-Congo haemorragic fever virus from engorged larvae of Alveonasus lahorensis ticks.
The isolation from all these arboviruses is reported for the first time in Iran.