Human histopathology and animal models  

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  MEMBERSDr Fabrice Chrétien – Director Dr Laurence Fiette – Researcher Dr Gregory Jouvion – Researcher Pr Tarek Sharshar – Researcher (part time) Dr Andrea Polito – Post-Doc (part time) Dr Nicolas weiss – Post-Doc (part time) Dr Romain Sonneville – PhD Mme Mathilde Latil – PhD Mme Claire Latroche – Master 2 Mr David Hardy – Master 2 Mr Patrick Avé - Technician Mme Sabrina Bergère - Technician Mr Huot Khun - Technician Mme Sabine Maurin – Technician Mme Florence Dumonteil – Secretary Mme Jeanne Matondo – laboratory worker

  Annual Report

Human Histopathology and Animal Models, founded in june 2010, is a new unit in Institut Pasteur for Services, Research and Development activities in histopathology. This new structure brings together in one entity: (i) An histopathology core facility offering state of the art histological services (ii) An expertise centre in histopathology that promote the evaluation and use of animal models at the Institut Pasteur and that daily do the “go between” human cases and animal models (iii) A research laboratory in histology and histopathology working on cell interplays in a normal tissue and after injury to stay at the “cutting edge” of research and development. The histopathology core facility provides quality, flexible and innovative histopathology support for animals experimental models as well as human cases. It is integrated of plateforms in the Pasteur campus and researcher needs. The technical staff (4 technicians) has high quality knowledge of histological techniques, and develops innovation and new techniques. We will set up in few months, one of the few biosafety L3 pathology laboratory that will also permit to take care of human or animal contaminated tissues. This histopathology core facility is associated with a unique centre of expertise in comparative pathology where expert histopathologists (3 PI) are coming from medical and veterinary education. They are referent in infectious disease pathology and they currently develop innovative diagnosis and research on human cases of infectious disease and animal models as well. These histopathologists are in close relationship with European networks of pathologists working on animal models of human diseases. These two entities are also associated with a research laboratory that investigates cell interactions occurring in a homeostatic condition and after an injury at the tissue level. All the histopathologists involved in the centre of expertise have their own research activity in this laboratory. We are studying cell interaction in skeletal muscle because the accessibility of this tissue and its striking ability to regenerate efficiently. Our research work consist on the very precise definition of tissue compartments (especially using 3D morphology for example to precisely characterize muscle stem cell niche) with two main topics (1) the study of the interactions between muscle stem cells and partners cells coming from the stroma (endothelial cells, macrophages, fibroblasts) both in homeostatic condition and after a muscle injury during regeneration (2) the characterization and in vivo and in vitro modelisation of the involvement of the neurovascular unit during infections especially sepsis.

Key Staff

Fabrice Chrétien is 38 y.o. and is the director of the Unit. FC is an MD, histologist and general Neuropathologist (peripheral and central nervous systems as well as muscle). He has interest in human infectious neuropathology (HIV, Herpes and Prion diseases) as well as stem cell biology since his PhD. FC brings into the partnership the medical know-how, the knowledge of human pathology and the access to patient material from healthy, diseased, or post mortem individuals, critical for this proposal. He published more 70 papers in the field of histopathology in human and animal models.

Laurence Fiette, is 46 y.o., PhD and Veterinary Pathologist specialized in Comparative Pathology. She joined the Institut Pasteur in 1990 and has many years of experience in the description and use of animal models of human infectious diseases, and genetically engineered mice as well. She is director and lecturer of many national and international post-graduate courses on the pathology of laboratory animals and animal models and she belongs to several networks of veterinary pathologists. She published 40 papers on histopathology of models.

Gregory Jouvion, is 30 y.o., PhD and Veterinary Pathologist (European Board certified) specialized in animal models. During his residency in pathology, he also carried through his PhD in muscle stem cell biology. He has done his second post-doc in the study of tissues by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in small animal models allowing imaging/pathology confrontations. As a junior pathologist, he published 8 papers in international journals.

Keywords: Histopathology, tissue, animal models, regeneration, inflammation, stem cells


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