Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases  

  HEADProf. Arnaud FONTANET / fontanet@pasteur.fr
  MEMBERSMr BECHET Stéphane, Mrs BONNEFOY Géraldine, Ms BOULLE Charlotte, Dr BREBAN Romulus, Mr CHARTIER Loïc, Dr CHESNAIS Cédric, Dr DELAROCQUE-ASTAGNEAU Elisabeth, Dr FOURCADE Camille, Dr GARENNE Michel, Dr GILES-VERNICK Tamara, Dr GUERRA José, Mr LANDIER Jordi, Ms LEFOULER Lenaïg, Dr MADEC Yoann, Dr MUNIER Aline, Ms PAIREAU Juliette, Dr REY-CUILLE Marie-Anne, Mrs THEPAUT Sylvana, Mrs VRAY Muriel

  Annual Report

The Emerging Diseases Epidemiology Unit was founded on July 1st, 2001. Its mandate was to develop its own research agenda in the field of infectious diseases epidemiology, and to provide expertise in epidemiology and biostatistics to other laboratories.

Based on the potential for collaborations with the international network of Institut Pasteur, and on our past experience in international health, we decided to focus on the epidemiology of infectious and tropical diseases in resource-limited countries.

Each researcher has its own field of expertise: Arnaud Fontanet in analytical epidemiology (cohort and case-control studies), Muriel Vray in the methodology of clinical trials, Michel Garenne in demography, Tamara Giles-Vernick in social sciences, and Romulus Breban in mathematical modeling.

All projects deal with the epidemiology of viral diseases in resource-limited countries. One common research area is HIV/AIDS. Other research areas include hepatitis C in Egypt, hepatitis B in Senegal and Centrafrican Republic, and acute encephalitis in Vietnam (see website and Figure). Emphasis has been put in clinical research, i.e., cohort studies and clinical trials on subjects infected with a pathogen. In addition, four staff members, Yoann Madec, Loïc Chartier, Lénaïg Lefouler and Stéphane Béchet provide transversal support to all projects of the unit in biostatistics and data management.

We also offer expertise in the area of epidemiology and biostatistics to other research units of the institute and organize epidemiology and biostatistics courses. In this context, special effort has been dedicated to the preparation of epidemiology and biostatistics curricula for the new Pasteur/CNAM School of Public Health (see website below).

Keywords: epidemiology, clinical research, mathematical modeling, HIV, viral hepatitis, emerging viruses


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Selection of 2010 publications:

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