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  Annual Report

The Publications Service is responsible for editing the two international journals of the Institut Pasteur: Research in Microbiology and Microbes and Infection. Our publisher is Elsevier.

Research in Microbiology

Research in Microbiology publishes papers based on original research in fundamental and applied biology in the fields of bacteria, archaea and microbial eukaryotes. The Editor-in-Chief is David Prangishvili. Two new Review Editors were appointed, Philippe Bastin and Yves Dessaux.

Ten issues are published each year, and in 2009 three special issues were prepared: "Stress response" edited by Eliora Ron; "Origin of Life and Microbiology" edited by Renato Fani and Mario Vaneechoutte and "Proteolysis in prokaryotes" organized by Regine Hengge and Kürsad Turgay. The Editorial Committee this year was held in Gothenburg (Sweden), in July, at the occasion of the FEMS congress of Microbiology.

Microbes and Infection

Microbes and Infection was launched in 1999, with Stefan Kaufmann as Editor-in-Chief. David Ojcius will replace him in January 2010. The main focus of the journal is on the host response to pathogens, with emphasis on cellular microbiology and immunology. The journal publishes 15 peer-reviewed issues per year and brings together original articles, reviews and forums. The forum themes in 2009 were: "Th17 cells", edited by S.H.E. Kaufmann and V. Kuchroo; "Mechanisms and roles of cell death during microbial infections", edited by Goerg Hacker and "Chikungunya", edited by D.N. Ojcius and L.F.P. Ng. The editorial Committee was held in Berlin in September at the occasion of the 17th European Congress of Immunology.


Fig 1: Research in Microbiology Editorial Committee Members, in Gothenburg
Fig 2: Elsevier booth to present the journals at the FEMS Congress.

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