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  Annual Report

Our activities on influenza viruses (IVs), SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and GB virus B (GBV-B), include studies of the molecular evolution, expression and replication of the viral genomes, particle morphogenesis, analysis of virus host interactions and evaluation of vaccines and antiviral candidates.

Evolution of influenza viruses. Surveillance activities of human IVs by the National Influenza Center (Northern France), were focused on the pandemic H1N1 2009 virus. The impact of genetic variations of the neuraminidase (NA) of seasonal and pandemic H1N1 viruses and H5N1 viruses on the enzymatic characteristics of the NA were further studied and their cross-reactive antigenic properties were determined. The global pattern of avian IVs circulation in waterbirds in the Camargue area was further analyzed with emphasis on low pathogenic H9 and H5 viruses (coll M. Gauthier-Clerc, Tour du Valat, F. Renaud, IRD/CNRS Montpellier).

Signals at the extremities of genomic IV segments. Investigating further the possibility to exchange the non-conserved non-coding sequences of type A and C IVs viral RNAs by reverse genetics we observed that type specific determinants vary between segments.

Host range determinants of avian/human influenza viruses. Candidate host factors interacting with the polymerase complex have been identified by yeast double-hybrid (coll Y. Jacob, P.O. Vidalain, IP Paris) or by phage-display (coll. J.L. Jestin, IP Paris). Their functional relevance for virus replication and host-range is being analyzed further, using biochemical and imaging approaches. Analysis of a genetically engineered waterfowl IV with an NA stalk deletion showed enhanced viral replication and increased virulence in chickens (coll. D. Marc INRA Tours, P. Quéré, INRATours, Y. Cherel, ENV Nantes B. Labrosse, INSERM, Paris).

SARS-CoV and IV H5N1 vaccine candidates. Evaluating the immunogenicity of soluble forms of the spike protein (Ssol) of SARS-CoV or of the IV H5N1 glycoproteins a protective role of the NA was found. Protective immune responses induced by recombinant viral vectors expressing the S protein of SARS-CoV or the H5 of H5N1 were further studied in hamsters and mice, respectively (coll. P. Marianneau, UBIVE, Lyon, P. Charneau - M. Huerre – F. Tangy, IP Paris).

Hepacivirus (HCV, GBV-B) replication. Using both HCV and the closely-related, primate hepatotropic virus GBV-B in cell culture systems and primate model, we identified molecular determinants and interactions between 5' and 3' genomic nontranslated sequences and nonstructural protein NS5A involved in genome replication and virus assembly (coll. R.E Lanford, SFBR, S.M. Lemon, UTMB, USA). Our current research addresses mechanisms of hepacivirus morphogenesis using functional and structural approaches, with a focus on the role and specificity of viral nonstructural proteins in this process.

Keywords: Influenza, respiratory viruses, vaccine, polymerase, host factors, evolution, antivirals, hepatitis, replication, hepacivirus, assembly


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