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  Annual Report

The medical center of the Institut Pasteur (MCIP) is the only public health entity in direct contact with the public, through its vaccination center, its consultations and its laboratory. The traditional activities of the MCIP are clinical, in two main domains : (i) infectious diseases and travel medicine, (ii) allergology. The three principal goals of a medical doctor are represented : mainly medical activity, but also clinical research and teaching.

Infectious and tropical diseases, travel medicine

The main medical orientation is travel medicine, with (i) vaccination and travel advice prior to departure, particularly for immunocompromised patients, and (ii) imported post travel diseases (mainly infectious and tropical), including malaria (15-30 cases/year), other vector borne diseases (dengue, etc.), infectious diarrheas and other infections of digestive origin, skin diseases (cutaneous larva migrans, myasis, etc.), etc.

Other key orientations include : (i) HIV infection, in close collaboration with the Necker university hospital via the Necker Pasteur Infectious Diseases Center, (ii) other cosmopolitan infectious diseases (Lyme disease, etc.), (iii) rabies treatment, and (iv) “infectious” dermatology, with a particular focus on hidradenitis suppurativa.


The medical emphasis is on general allergology, both diagnostic and therapeutic. Key interests are : (i) atopic dermatitis, (ii) hereditary angioneurotic edema, with the most important cohort in France.

Clinical Research

Clinical research, as investigator or coordinator (*), is directly connected to the medical orientations of the MCIP : diagnosis (evaluation of rapid diagnostic tests in imported malaria), physiopathology (genetic basis of inflammation abnormalities in hydradenitis suppurativa, A Nassif*), epidemiology (study of antirabies immunity in the field in Brasil, Y Rotivel*; study on travel medicine in the HIV infected patient), respectively in collaboration with Bichat university hospital, Madrid university hospital (Spain), Belem university (Brasil), Avicenne university hospital. Projects on HIV infection are in preparation.

Keywords: Travel medicine, vaccination, tropical medicine, infectious diseases, HIV infection, hidradenitis suppurativa, rabies post-exposure treatment, allergy, angioneurotic edema



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