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  Annual Report

The Archival Service collects and preserves Institut Pasteur’s documentary heritage and makes it accessible to both the Pasteurian and historical communities. Its collection includes publications, archival records, sound and audio-visual materials, as well as photographs. In addition to its primary mission, the Archives serves as the repository of memory for the Institut Pasteur and its numerous activities. It remains a source of enduring knowledge, accessible to all.


Construction and moving on Pasteur Institute campus have necessitated that we have safeguard some records for a provider in our archives.

We have recorded the Hospital Pasteur’s management files and clinical studies and are presently recording its patient medical records.

Collections completed

Four archival collections have been completed. These are papers of the physiologist Albert Reynaud (1913 - 1999), the biologist and director Elie Wollman (1916 - 2008), the biologist François Jacob, and the Société de Pathologie Exotique (since 1908).


Current cataloging activity includes the files of the physiologist and scientist Alexandre Lacassagne (1884 – 1971), the files of chemist and biologist Gabriel Bertrand (1867 - 1962), and of the influenza and arbovirus laboratory (1950 – 1994).


Online developments

We have produced a corpus of description forms for papers and biographies. We are currently putting online some 243 descriptions of archives or records, as well as 177 biographical forms in French and 10 forms translated in English. See our website:

We realize a basis about Members of the Société de Biologie since 1848 to 1940.

Workgroup participation

Group Pérennisation des Informations Numériques (PIN):

This group, which bring together archivists, data managers and computer scientists, exchanges information and experiences concerning digitized archives. We work with The Ecole Centrale to create a new teaching about this problematic.


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