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  Annual Report

The Archives Service collects and preserves Institut Pasteur’s documentary heritage, and makes it accessible to both pasteurian and historian communities. This heritage includes publications, archival records, sound and audio-visual materials, as well as photographs. Besides this main mission, it serves as the continuing memory of the Institut Pasteur and its services. It is also a source of enduring knowledge accessible to all.


Because of some internal moving and building on Pasteur Institute campus we have safekeeping some records to a provider in archives.

After record Hospital Pasteur’s files (management and clinical studies). We are presently recording Hospital Pasteur’s patient medical records.

Collections completed

Four archive collections have been completed. These represent papers of the physiologist Albert Reynaud (1913 - 1999), of the Biologist Albert Vaudremer (1866 - 1943), and of the biologist and director René Panthier (1915 - 1970).


Current cataloging activity includes the files And photographics of the physiologist and scientific Emile Brumpt (1877 – 1951), the files of the biologist Albert Vaudremer (1866 - 1943), the physiologist and scientific Marcel Balthazar (1908 – 1971) and the tuberculosis and mycobacterium laboratory (1950 – 1977).


Online developments

We constitute a corpus of description forms for papers and biographies. Presently we put online 230 description forms of archives or records, and 158 biographical forms on our website.


The Archives Service organizes a course under the sponsorship of Archives Nationales about “Archives and Quality”.

Workgroup participation

Group Pérennisation des Informations Numériques (PIN):

This group joining archivists, data managers and computer scientists exchanges information and experience on numerical archives.

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