Histotechnology and Pathology

  HEADDr HUERRE Michel / mhuerre@pasteur.fr

  Annual Report

Our research programs in 2005-06 principally concern the kinetics of inflammation according to pathogens (bacteria, virus, parasites)

I - Early Inflammation

1-1 Bioterrorism

1-1-1Clostridium sordelli lethal toxin (Coll B. Geny, M. Popoff) reproduces the fatal toxic shock syndrome observed in human pathology and in animals , with a massive extravasation of blood fluid in the thoracic cage. Vascular permeability increases and results from modifications of lung endothelial cells.

1-1-2 Bacillus anthracis (Anthrax, Coll P. Goossens & M. Mock) induces an acute septicemia in animal models infected and bacilli are observed in the Peyer patches a few hours after inoculation (aerosols)

1-1-3 Yersinia pestis (Plague, Coll with E. Carniel) Several programs are in progress a) the study of early events after inoculation of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis compared to Yersinia pestis. b) The study of the genetic susceptibility to plague and c) the study of a vaccine candidate.

1-2 Experimental pneumonia

Study of a mouse model of Klebsiella pneumoniae induced pneumonia with the classical foamy histiocytes

Study of Neisseria menigitidis induced pneumonia and role of lipooligosaccharide during respiratory infections in mice. (Coll J.M. Alonso)

Study of experimental aspergillosis (cell wall components, mutants strains)

II – Chronic Inflammation

2-1 Mycobacteria (Coll with S. Cole, B. Gicquel). Study of the pathogenicity of mutant strains of Mycobacteria and pathogenesis of mycobacterial infections. Study of host cells. Study of the BCG-RD1 as a vaccine candidate.

2-2 Helicobacter. (Coll with A. Labigne) Study of the protective effect of OGG. Demonstration that the deficiency in OGG1 protects against inflammation and mutagenic effects in mice.

2-3 Kaposi diseases and Herpes virus 8. (Coll. with A. Gessain) Pathological and molecular study of Kaposi diseases from Morocco, Oceania and South America

III – Cancer

Study of hepatoblastomas (M. Semeraro and M.A. Buendia) In progress. Study of Theileria induced lymphoma

IV –Pharmacodistribution and pharmacokinetics of peptides, ligands and neuroreceptors; Immunology (Ana Cardona)

Study of radiolabelled indole after systemic administration to rats (Coll with M. Crumeyrolle)

Study of the methylation mechanism in T cells (Coll O. Acuto)


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