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Abstract: The platform of cytometry proposes provision of services, for analyses and cell sorting.

The used techniques are flow cytometry, cytometry in image, sorting using antibodies coupled to magnetic balls. It also takes part in the development and the optimization of these techniques, like with the training of the interested teams.

Functioning: Our activity is essentially based on analyses (in flow or image) and cell sorting, in the form of "provisions of services" at the request of the research teams. A preliminary maintenance enables us to establish with our "customers" the protocol of preparation of the cells and to plan handling. We help them if necessary to interpret their results...

According to the apparatus’ complexity, this one is handled by our expert or placed at the disposal of the users in "self-service". In this last case, an obligatory formation is organized beforehand by the PF.


To animate and manage the group dynamics initiated with the users of the PF.

To improve our organization to gain in effectiveness and availability.

To develop in collaboration with the providers of the tools to meet the needs for the campus (developed of the expertise on pathogenic hardware, sorting after analyzing 6 colors with 4 ways, complex analyses on more than 9 colors...)

To work with support services in Pasteur Institute like “Hygiene & Security”, “Quality”, “Health at Work” and “Logistics” for improving our performance.

Conclusions: Forty teams, exits very mainly of the Pasteur Institute profit from these services (5000 analyses and 300 sorting approximately). The experiments relate mainly to the detection of membrane antibodies (between 3 and 9 fluorochromes measured simultaneously, according to the apparatus used), the measurement of calcic flow, the study of the cellular cycle, FRET and the apoptosis. The platform proposes hands-on trainings regularly each month. Every year, some 100 people have run them. The team interacts with internal and external resources for improving efficiency: to identify new technological instrument, to bring appropriate resolution to the Campus’ problems…

Prospect: The PF, which provides a great number of service, evolves with its human resources to meet the researchers’ needs in compliance with the Pasteur’s scientific politics by:

I.Identifying and testing new tags.

II.Developing new methodologies implying the cytometry.

III.Increasing complex expertise and sorting of pathogenic samples. The team is working on sorting and analyzing bacteria and viruses.

IV.Evolving new forms of training courses, adapted to the software recently acquired (for controlling the new cytometers) by the Laboratory

V.Improving: Quality for validating the rough data; H&S for securing expertise on pathogenic samples and evolving our risk’s management; Logistic for making smoother the use of the core-facility.

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