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  Director : Anne-Marie Balazuc (abalazuc@pasteur.fr)



The platform cytometry proposes, in the form of provisions of services, the analyses and sorting of cells. The techniques used are the cytometry in flow, the cytometry in image, microscopy confocale, the sorting using antibodies coupled to magnetic balls. It also takes part in the development and the optimization of these techniques, like with the training of certains teams.



The platform cytometry is integrated into Imagopole

It is equipped with a cytometer in image with laser scanning, of 3 sorting machines of cells, 4 analyzers, a microscope confocal. This equipment makes it possible in particular to carry out sorting at high speed, by separating 4 cellular populations simultaneously. The analyzers are equipped in a complementary way in particular making it possible to measure fluorescent signals with excitation UV. The laboratory continued and developed its activities of service. Forty teams, profited from these services (15000 analyses and 300 sorting approximately). The experiments relate mainly to the detection of membrane antibodies (between 3 and 9 fluorescences measured simultaneously, according to the apparatus used), the measurement of calcic flows, the study of the cellular cycle and the apoptose. The laboratory continued its own search relating mainly to the use of new fluorochromes (for example Pacific blue, Cascade yellow, BFP and CFP) and the introduction or the development of new methodologies implying the cytometry (Technical FRET for example)

The platform proposes hands-on trainings regularly each month, from which this year 100 people profited. New forms of training courses, adapted to the hardware recently acquired by the Laboratory are regularly developed.

Keywords: fluorescence, cytometrie, microscopy confocale, analyze cells, sorting of cells

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