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  Director : EDELMAN Léna (ledelman@pasteur.fr)



Our laboratory is collaborating on the elaboration of therapeutic antitumoral molecules (breast tumors) made up of recombinant antibody fragments VHVL (ScFv) linked to an apoptogenic peptide. Using the technique of Mistein and Koler, we have produced murine hybridoma which recognize malignant tumor cells while normal tissues test negative.



15 clones have been selected and ScFv fragments prepared from the Ig monoclonal sequence secreted by the hybridomas. ScFv was produced using the Baculovirus — insect cell system.

The specificity of ScFv is currently being tested on tumoral cell lines and on different samples of malignant tumor tissues. ScFv internalization in the tumor cell line will have to be tested next and the ScFv will have to be coupled to a peptide.

This complex will have to be able to kill cancer cells.

The study of early apoptosis markers (AIF) on breast tumor samples (immuno-enzymatic technique) has shown an increase in the apoptotic index of intracanalor carcinomas (good prognosis) and a decrease in intralobular carcinomas (bad prognosis). This study has to be continued on more cases in order to carry out a statistical analysis.

Finally we have constituted a cell bank and carried out specificity checks on two murine hybridomas:

  • The anticolchicine hybridoma which is able to treat serious colchicine poisoning

  • CD 36, clone FA6-152 which is able to phenotype different human cells

These 2 clones will be sold to private companies by Pasteur Institute.



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