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  Director : ALZARI, Pedro M. (alzari@pasteur.fr)



The technical platform aims at providing a central facility for the different teams involved in protein crystallography at the Institut Pasteur. The installation of the platform started in September 2002 and it is currently in progress. In due course, it should include appropriate equipment and methodologies required for gene cloning, crystallogenesis, computing and X-ray diffraction.

A major goal of the platform is to develop high-throughput methodologies for gene cloning, protein production and crystallization, by automating the different steps of the process. This task constitutes a key element of the programme of structural genomics of mycobacteria, currently in progress at the Institute.


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Keywords: structural genomics, gene cloning, protein purification, crystallogenesis, X-ray diffraction


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  Office staff Researchers Scientific trainees Other personnel
  Fejt, Françoise, IP (ffejt@pasteur.fr) Alzari, Pedro, IP (Chef de Laboratoire,alzari@pasteur.fr) Guillemot, Fabrice, Post-doc (fguillem@pasteur.fr )

Haouz, Ahmed, Post-doc (ahaouz@pasteur.fr )

Proux, Florence, Engineer (fproux@pasteur.fr)


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