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  Director : METEZEAU Philippe (metezeau@pasteur.fr)



The laboratory is primarly useful for experiments in the field of flow and image cytometry.



The principal activities are cell analysis and sorting. We use a Laser scanning image cytometer, a confocal microscope, three cell-sorters, and four flow cytometrer-analysers. Particularly, this year, we have obtained a very rapid cell sorter (25 000 cell analyzed and sorted /sec.) ; it is a good example of second generation of practical sorter. Lasers which equiped our machines allow visible and UV excitations of many fluorochromes. The most demanding applications are immunolfluorescent detections, cell cycle analysis., apoptosis and pH measurements (5000 analysis and 350 sortings by year). Moreover, the laboratory organizes learning (100 students)

Keywords: cytometry, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, cell sorting, celle analysis, image cytometry, fluorescence

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  Office staff Researchers Scientific trainees Other personnel
        MÉTÉZEAU Philippe, Engineer, IP,metezeau@pasteur.fr

BALAZUC, Anne-Marie, Engineer, IP,balazuc@pasteur.fr

LOUISE Anne, IP, Engineer,alouise@pasteur.fr

KIEFER-BIASIZZO Hélène, Technician, IP,kiefer@pasteur.fr

WAGNER Marie-Christine, Technician IP, ,mcwagner@pasteur.fr

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