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  Director : EDELMAN Léna (ledelman@pasteur.fr)



The services activities of the laboratory concern murine hybridoma, human cell lines, cell bank production. An other aim was to produce and purify recombinant proteins using baculovirus-insect cells vector expression ; i.e. Dengue II, Yellow Fever and West-Nile were produced. The applied research activities concern the construction of recombinant baculoviruses and production of the corresponding recombinant proteins using the baculovirus insect cell expression vector. By the same system, we produced antitumor recombinant antibodies (ScFv) against breast tumors. The study of early apoptosis markers located in breast tumors has been pursued.



Outside services activities which concern murine hybridoma, human cell lines, increasing cell multiplication, and recombinant proteins production using baculovirus-insect cells vector expression, i. e.: M envelop protein Dengue I Virus, West-Nile Virus, Yellow fever ; Kalmann protein, DR7, DR4 proteins linked to HLA system.

The Research Activity :

In collaboration with the Haemorrhagic Fever Laboratory, we have obtained bacterial and viral clones leading to the production of envelop protein West Niles Virus, M envelop of Dengue 1 virus and Yellow fever.

We have also obtained bacterial and viral clones for the ScFv fragments derived from the M350 monoclonal antibody (directed against breast tumors). These ScFv fragments carry a cysteine free C-terminal which permit a chemical linkage to a special peptide.

We have obtained new ScFv fragments from new murine monoclonal antibodies against breast tumors associated antigens. We have continued the analysis of early apoptotic markers in breast intra canalar and infiltrating malignant tumors (poor prognosis). Furthermore, in collaboration with G. Kroemer (Institut Gustave Roussy) we have contributed to show cytotoxic effects with R protein of VIH-1 (Vpr). This protein interacts with the mitochondrial transitional pore permeability (PTP) to activate apoptosis. The target of Vpr is the ANT protein (adenin nucleotide translocator). Vpr cooperate with ANT to start the permeabilization of the mitochondrial membranes. Two patents related to this work were deposited. Finally, two murine monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic use •anti-colchicine (to treat severe drug intoxications) and •anti-Rhesus for the prevention of new born hemolytic disease are under licence agreement. Our laboratory has to develop the human clinical trials of these antibodies.


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  Office staff Researchers Scientific trainees Other personnel

LAMBRECHT, Marie-Régine, lambrech@pasteur.fr

EDELMAN Léna, I.P. ledelman@pasteur.fr

GIRARD Christel, CDD. I.P.


MONCHATRE Elisabeth, I.P.

PETRES Stéphane, I.P.

LAMBRECHT Marie-Régine, I.P.

PROU Marie-Claire, I.P.



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