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  Director : Pierre-Marie Lledo (pmlledo@pasteur.fr)




Our research focuses on the processing of sensory information and memory consolidation in the olfactory system. Our experimental model is the olfactory bulb, the first relay in this system. This structure, which receives massive centrifugal innervation from different brain structures involved in conditional learning as well as in memory consolidation, performs functions above and beyond the simple transmission of sensory messages. During learning, the olfactory bulb is subjected both to plastic synaptic changes and to neurogenesis related to mnesic storage. Using a pluridisciplinary approach combining molecular, cellular and behavioral levels, our goal is to determine in adult brain, how acquisition and retention of odor information can be accomplished within a neuronal network characterized by a high level of plasticity. Finally, we are currently studying some key molecules that regulate the fate of newly generated neurons. Among them, the normal form of the Prion protein (PrPC), a signal transduction protein that primarily localized on neurites, is a good candidate. In frame with this hypothetical signaling function, we propose to evaluate the function of PrPC on the proliferation, migration and/or differentiation of neuronal precursor in the adult brain and to characterize the morphological and functional properties of newly generated neurons expressing different levels of PrPC in the adult CNS.




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  Office staff Researchers Scientific trainees Other personnel

LLEDO Pierre-Marie, DR2, C.N.R.S.

GHEUSI Gilles, Maître de conférence (Paris XIII)

GABELLEC Marie-Madeleine,Institut Pasteur

CARLETON Alan, Bourse Institut Pasteur

SAGHATELYAN Armen, Bourse “ Chercheur Associé ” CNRS

DeCHEVIGNY Antoine, Bourse

LAGIER Samuel, Bourse

LEMASSON Morgane, Bourse MENRT

ROCHEFORT Christelle, Bourse MENRT

CAPELLI Aurore, Maîtrise de Sciences Cognitives à Bordeaux

GUYOT Candice, Maîtrise de Biologie des Populations à Paris XI

FRATUS Laetitia, IUT Génie Biologique



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