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During 2001 the Protein Analysis and Microsequencing Service  continued its activity  of microsequencing proteins  for the benefit of laboratories both inside and outside the Institut Pasteur.The service began to analyze proteins using a new technology called "ProteinChip Technology" (Ciphergen). This technology combines the capture of proteins on a chemical surface and their analysis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.



In 2001, the laboratory  changed its name and was reassigned to Director of Strategic Equipment and Technologies.

Its principal activity continued to be protein microsequencing.  Amino acid sequences are determined from purified or partially purified proteins and peptides. We can also obtain internal sequences by cutting proteins into fragments and purifying them by HPLC chromatography before sequencing. The amino acid sequence is determined automatically by machines using the Edman degradation technique ( two sequencers: an Applied Biosystems 473A and a 494 are available). A service of support and development for the microtechniques needed to prepare samples for analysis is also provided.

During 2001, 86 units or laboratories, including 57 from outside the institute, have used our services (>7000 sequencing cycles were run).

The analysis of proteins by mass spectrometry after capture on various chemical surfaces (ProteinChip Arrays) began in mid-year for laboratories in the  institute. Because of the diversity of ProteinChip arrays ® (http://www.ciphergen.com) a large number of diverse analyses can be carried out: specific molecular interaction studies (receptor/ligand, protein/protein or DNA/protein), differential protein expression studies (discovery and validation of biological markers) and the purification, identification and characterization of proteins. These analyses can be carried out with the very small amounts of materials needed for mass spectrometry.

The Service participates in training and seminars both on and off the campus.


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d’Alayer, Jacques, (Engineer, jdalayer@pasteur.fr)

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