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  Director : DI SANTO James (disanto@pasteur.fr)



Using a genetic approach in mice, we wish to better define the roles of cytokines in lymphopoiesis, peripheral lymphoid homeostasis and during immune responses. Using an alymphoid mouse model developed in our laboratory, a series of projects address the role of different lymphoid subsets for innate immunity and investigate this alternative immunodeficient mouse model for xenotransplantation of human tissues.




1) To elucidate the mechanisms by which a group of cytokines utilizing the common cytokine receptor g chain (gc) promote the differentiation and homeostasis of lymphoid cells ;

2) To dissect the potential roles played by distinct lymphoid subsets during the innate response to infectious pathogens ;

3) To study the development of Natural Killer (NK) cells using a novel alymphoid mouse model and to assess the potential of this model for the transplantation of human xenografts.

Ongoing projects:

1. Roles for gc-dependent cytokines in the peripheral lymphoid homeostasis. (J. Di Santo, C. Vosshenrich, T. Ranson)

2. NK cell differentiation:

a) Signals for NK cell Development. (F. Colucci, S. Samson, C. Vosshenrich)

b) Signals for anti-tumor and anti-microbial responses (F. Colucci, S. Zompi)

c) Sequential acquisition of Ly49 receptors on developing NK cells (C. Roth)

d) Genetic program (A. Caraux, A. Namane, C. Roth)

3. Defining the minimum cellular components for immune responses against infections. (J. Di Santo, K. Le Barillec)

4. A novel mouse model for human tissue transplants (J. Di Santo, S. Barbosa)

Main Outcome

We believe that the projects presented herein will enhance our knowledge of the mechanisms of lymphoid development, of innate and adaptive immune responses and will furnish new animal models to study human disease processes. These projects are fundamental in nature, but have important implications for clinical medicine.


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  Office staff Researchers Scientific trainees Other personnel

Mme PHAM, Cécile, (cpham@pasteur.fr)

COLUCCI, Francesco, CR1, Institut Pasteur, cecco@pasteur.fr

DI SANTO, James, DR2, INSERM, disanto@pasteur.fr

ROTH, Claude, CR1, Institut Pasteur, clroth@pasteur.fr

CARAUX, Anouk, Etudiante en thèse

LE BARILLEC, Karine, Stagiaire post-doc

RANSON, Thomas, Etudiant en thèse

ROSMARAKI, Eleftheria, étudiante en thèse, thèse soutenue le 5/7/01, départ le 6/7/01

SAMSON, Sandrine, Etudiante en thèse

SILVA BARBOSA, Suse, Stagiaire post-doc

VOSSHENRICH, Christian, Stagiaire post-doc

CORCUFF, Erwan, technicien Institut Pasteur, ecorcuff@pasteur.fr

RICHARD, Odile, technicienne Institut Pasteur, orichard@pasteur.fr


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