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  Director : HEARD Jean Michel (jmheard@pasteur.fr)



The laboratory is for one part involved in the development of strategies for gene therapy. Investigated models are principally the correction of ß-thalassemia and the correction of neurodegenerative lesions associated to lysosomal storage diseases. Vector derived from lentiviruses or AAV are used. Another part of the laboratory is interested in cell-retroviruses interactions, especially focusing on very early stages involving receptors, leading to virus entry and antigen presentation. The role of the HIV Nef protein is studied in this context.



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  Office staff Researchers Scientific trainees Other personnel

Renée Communal, communal@pasteur.fr

Olivier Schwartz CR Institut Pasteur schwartz@pasteur.fr

Delphine Bohl CR2 INSERM dbohl@pasteur.fr

Nathalie Sol-Foulon CR2 CNRS natsol@pasteur.fr

Sylvie Le Gall CR2 INSERM

Arnaud Moris Stage post-doctoral moris@paseur.fr

Song Liu Stage post-doctoral songliu@pasteur.fr

Christine Salaün Thèse Ecole Doctorale B2M csalaun@pasteur.fr

Emmanuel Gyan Etudiant DEA egyan@pasteur.fr

Cinzia Nobile Etudiante étrangère nobileci@pasteur.fr

Valérie Maréchal Technicienne Supérieure 2D marechal@pasteur.fr

Nathalie Desmaris Technicienne Supérieure 1D nchodan@pasteur.fr


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