Institut Pasteur Rapport d'activité de l'unité Publications Scientifiques pour l'année 1999

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The year 1999 witnessed the launching of Microbes and Infection, the newest journal of the Pasteur Institute, which is exploring the relationship between the infectious agent and its host. Fifteen issues appeared with a total of some 1400 pages; 4 of these were entirely devoted to specific forums in the field of immunology. Research in Microbiology is continuing to publish primarily original reports on all aspects of microbiology, including environmental microbiology, microbial genomics and the genetics of virulence. A special double issue on repetitive DNA sequences in microbial genomes came out at the end of 1999. The Annales de lÕInstitut Pasteur/ActualitŽs, entirely in French, is continuing its in-depth thematic treatment of current issues, and this year focused on parasitic diseases, venoms and gene therapy. A description of these three journals, as well as instructions for authors and the lists of their Editorial Boards, can now be found on the Scientific Publications home page of the Pasteur web site ( with links to the Elsevier site, which provides summaries, contents, news concerning the journals, and access to the articles themselves via their scientific database. The Editorial Staff of the Publications Service also edits and publishes the printed version of the Activity Report of the Research Departments of the Institute, in French and in English, and ensures its distribution worldwide.

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