General Meeting

The mission of the General Meeting of the Institut Pasteur consists in:

approving the annual report on the Institut Pasteur activity presented by the Board of Directors;

electing the 16 members of the Board of Directors;

voting changes in the memorandum and articles of association pursuant to proposals formulated by the Board of Directors. The General Meeting is convened once per year, at the invitation of the Chairman of the Board.

The members (except members by right) are appointed for six-year terms.

The General Meeting appoints, from among those attending, a session Chairman and secretary.

The General Meeting consists of 94 to 110 members, divided as follows:

Members by right (who may appoint a representative):

7 members appointed by the Ministries responsible for research, higher education, public health and the budget; and by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, and the Armed Forces.

The rector of the Academy of Paris, or his representative, whom he appoints.

The presidents of the universities or the representatives they appoint (Paris V, VI, VII, XI).

The director of one of the UER of pharmaceutical sciences at Université Paris V, appointed by the president of that university.

The director of the Institut Pasteur de Lille.

The director of the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort, or a person selected by him.

The director general of CIRAD, or a representative appointed by him.

The director of INRA, or a representative appointed by him.

The director general of the Assistance Publique, or a representative appointed by him.

A representative of the Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale.

A representative of the Council of Paris. 6 to 12 directors of Instituts Pasteur or Associated Institutes, appointed under the conditions provided for by the in-house regulations. 30 figures consisting in scientific, administrative and technical managers, carrying out all or part of their work at the Institut Pasteur. 6 representatives of the trade union organisations representing the non-managerial staff of the Institut Pasteur. 31 to 41 members outside the Institut Pasteur, chosen on the basis of their skills or interest in the Institut Pasteur, elected by the current members of the General Meeting in response to a proposal from the Board of Directors or a member of the General Meeting.


Boards and Committees

Board of Directors

Through its proceedings, the Board of Directors regulates the affairs of the Institut Pasteur.

The Board votes the budget, approves the accounts and sets the budgetary headcount.

The Board determines the status and remuneration of the various categories of personnel.

The Board authorises legal proceedings.

The Board appoints a President of the Institut Pasteur, after conferring with each of the members of the Scientific Council, heads of department and all other competent people.

The Board appoints, in response to a proposal from the President, the other members of management and other grades and higher positions.

Each year, the Board appoints one or several auditors, responsible for presenting to the Board an annual report on the accounts, financial situation of the laboratories, archives and mobile and fixed assets of the Institut Pasteur. The Board of Directors meets at least four times a year. The Board members attend the proceedings of the General Meeting, but do not take part in the voting. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for preparing the decisions taken by the President. The Executive Committee also constitutes the forum for consultation and information on all decisions t a k e n by the department heads, under their mandate. Chaired by the President, the Executive Committee consists of all the Executive Vice- P r e s i d e n t s , Vice-Presidents and Network Executive Vice-President, and meets, on average, twice per month.


Board of Directors April 2001

Bureau of the Board of Directors

Philippe Rouvillois Inspector general of finance Chairman of the Board of Directors Michel Bon Chairman of France Telecom Vice-Chairman Claude Cherki Chairman and Chief Executive of Editions du Seuil Vice-Chairman Charles Lantieri Deputy Director, Directorate of the Budget Ministry of economy, finance and industry Treasurer Françoise Barré-Sinoussi Head of the Retrovirus Biology unit, Institut Pasteur Secretary


Members of the Board of Directors

Christian Bréchot Director General, Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale Henri Buc Professor Emeritus, Institut Pasteur Jean-Pierre Changeux Head of the Receptors and Cognition Unit, Institut Pasteur François de Combret Acting partner, Banque Lazard Frères & Cie Vincent Courtillot Director of Research, Ministry of Research Pierre Faurre Chairman and Chief Executive, Sagem Josiane Grégoire Higher laboratory technician Immunopathogenesis laboratory, Institut Pasteur Raphaël Hadas-Lebel Councillor of State Member of the electricity regulation commission Michèle Legras Adviser to the Cour des Comptes Jean-Claude Lehmann Director of Research and Development, Saint-Gobain Gérard Mégie President, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Roland Nageotte Research engineer, Cell Biochemistry unit, Institut Pasteur Jacques Puechal Honorary Chairman, Atofina Didier Sicard Head of the Internal Medicine department, Hôpital Cochin Chairman of the Advisory Ethics Committee Pierre Tiollais Head of the Recombination and Genetic Expression unit, Institut Pasteur

Scientific Council

Pasteur members


Margaret Buckingham Head of the Molecular Genetics of Development Unit

Alice Dautry-Varsat Head of the Biology of Cell Interactions unit

Nicole Guiso-Maclouf Head of the Bordetella Unit

François Lemonnier Head of the Antiviral Cell Immunity Unit


Paul Brey Head of the Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Unit

Patrice Courvalin Head of the Antibacterial Agents Unit

Antoine Danchin Head of the Regulation of Gene Expression Unit

Simon Wain-Hobson Head of the Molecular Retrovirology Unit

External members


Jean Gruenberg Head of the Biochemistry Department, Science II, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

Bernard Hirt Professor at the University of Lausanne Researcher at the Swiss Institute of Experimental Research on Cancer

Diane Mathis Director of the Immunology and Immunogenetics Department Joslin Diabetes Centre, Harvard Medical School, Boston (United States)

Étienne Pays Director of the Molecular Parasitology Laboratory Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine University of Brussels (Belgium)


External Committee for Scientific and Strategic Orientation April 2001


Harold Varmus Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre New-York (USA) Chairman

Pierre Vassalli Former professor of immunology Geneva (Switzerland) Vice-Chairman



Pierre Borst The Netherlands Cancer Institute Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Pierre Chambon Molecular and Cell Genetics and Biology Institute Strasbourg (France)

Anthony Fauci National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Bethesda (Maryland, USA)

Fotis Kafatos European Molecular Biology Laboratory Heidelberg (Germany)

Gustave Nossal University of Melbourne Parkville, Department of Pathology Melbourne (Australia)

Gottfried Schatz University of Basel Basel (Switzerland)