GRS Missions

Objective n° 1
To further discussion and information exchange on the theme of HIV / AIDS research at the Pasteur Institute of Paris

The GRS is an interdepartmental group of researchers involved in HIV / AIDS research at the Pasteur Institute of Paris. The GRS aims at improving scientific communication on HIV / AIDS and at providing information on teams involved in HIV research on the campus.

The GRS organizes a monthly meeting around and HIV / AIDS thematic that concerns fundamental research ( Retrovirology, Pathogenesis) or applied research (Vaccinology, Antiretrovirals, Immunotherapy, ...).

Objective n° 2
To exchange informations and further collaborations with researchers of the International Network of Pasteur Institutes involved in HIV / AIDS research

These actions are lead in concert with the relevant directions at the Pasteur Institute. Information on GRS meetings and HIV / AIDS research at the Pasteur Institutes are posted online to facilitate the involvement of all members of the network.

Special meetings are organized by the GRS upon the visit of network researchers on the Parisian campus.

Objective n° 3
To promote research and public health actions in the field of HIV / AIDS

The GRS contributes to the identification of common research themes to be developed at the Pasteur Institutes, and to the setup of collaborative programs such as PTR (Programmes Transversaux de Recherche) and GPH (Grand Programme Horizontal) in the field of HIV / AIDS.

The GRS organizes a scientific watch in the field of HIV / AIDS and promotes the discussion of current HIV / AIDS topics at its monthly meetings.