Next GRS Meeting

The Group for AIDS Research (GRS) organizes a monthly meeting around an HIV / AIDS research topic.
Meetings are open to all. They are usually held on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in room14 of the Lwoff building, Pasteur Institute, Paris.

The GRS meetings and seminars are organized with the support of ANRS.

The next meeting will focus on the "Interaction of HIV-1 with nuclear pores and chromatin factors". This meeting, organized by Francesca DI NUNZIO and Nicoletta CASARTELLI, will take place on Tuesday, April 28 at 4 PM, in room 14 of the Lwoff building.

Meeting number 83
Date 04/28/2014 at 4 PM

Interactions of HIV-1 with the nuclear pore and chromatin factors

Organizer Francesca di Nunzio (IP) et Nicoletta Casartelli (IP)

Medical Research Council, Cambridge, UK
HIV-1 capsid recruits host cofactors to mediate nuclear import

Francesca DI NUNZIO
Unité de Virologie Moléculaire et Vaccinologie, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Chromatin organization at the nuclear pore favours HIV-1 replication
Genethon, Evry, France
Lentiviral gene transfer vectors and the human genome






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