GRS Meetings 2012

Meeting number 72
Date 11/30/2012 from 2 to 6:30 PM

Symposium: Viral persistence and HIV reservoirs: Challenges to finding a cure

The poster is here

Organizer Comité scientifique du GRS et ANRS
Discussants Marie-Lise Gougeon et Jean-François Delfraissy
Speakers Quentin SATTENTAU
University of Oxford, UK
HIV spread between T cells and Macrophages
University of California, Davis, USA
Gut microbiota and mucosal immune aberrance in establishing HIV persistence
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Control of HIV-1 in the absence of treatment: trimming viral reservoirs
UCSF, Gladstone Insitute, San Francisco, USA
Molecular mechanismls of HIV latency in T cells
Jerome ZACK
UCLA Center for AIDS Research,Los Angeles, USA
Improving means to activate/eliminate latent HIV reservoirs
Jean-François DELFRAISSY
ANRS, Paris, France


Meeting number 71
Date 10/05/2012 at 12 AM
Topic European Seminar Series
Organizer Gianfranco Pancino

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxord, UK
Protective immunity against HIV? lessons from HIV-2 infection


Meeting number 70
Date 06/20/2012 at 4 PM
Topic HIV and Chemokines
Organizer Lisa Chakrabarti
Speakers Bernard Lagane
Unité de pathogénie Virale, Institut Pasteur, France
HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein and chemokines recognize distinct populations of CCR5 - consequences on the antiviral activity of chemokines
Pierre Delobel
INSERM UMR1043, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse
Role of the CCL25-CCR9 axis in the intestinal homing of T lymphocytes in the course of HIV infection


Meeting number 69
Date 04/24/2012 at 4 PM
Topic HIV / Dendritic Cells Interactions
Organizer Asier Saez-Cirion and Gianfranco Pancino
Speakers Teunis Geijtenbeek
Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gene transfer in hemapoietic stem cells using lentiviral vectors
Nicolas Manel
INSERM U932, Institut Curie, Paris, France
Innate sensing of the Human Immunodeficiency Viruses by dendritic cells
Vincent Piguet
Institute of Infection and Immunity, Cardiff University, Wales, U.K.
HIV transmission across the DC-T cell infectious synapse


Meeting number 68
Date 01/17/2012 at 4 PM
Topic Impact of Lentiviral Vectors in Gene Therapy
Organizer Pierre Charneau
Speakers François-Loïc Cosset
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon et INSERM U758, Lyon
Gene transfer in hemapoietic stem cells using lentiviral vectors
Ben Berkhout
Laboratory of Experimental Virology, CINIMA, Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RNAi-inducing lentiviral vectors against HIV-1
Marina Cavazzana-Calvo
Département de Biothérapie et INSERM U768, Hôpital Necker Enfants-Malades, Paris
Clinical results on HIV-based gene therapy protocols ongoing at the Necker Hospital


Meeting number 67
Date 01/13/2012 at 12 AM
Topic The role of chemokines in the establishment of HIV latency
Organizer Françoise Barré-Sinousssi
Speakers Sharon Lewin
Centre for Virology, Burnet Institute, and Department of Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia