GRS Meetings 2009

Meeting number 50
Date 12/22/2009
Topic HIV and aging
Organizer Claudine Duvivier
Speakers Marie-Christine de Vernejoul
INSERM UMR "Os et Articulations", Hôpital Lariboisière, Paris
Prevalence and mechanism of osteopenia in HIV infected patients: implications for treatment.
Jacqueline Capeau
INSERM UMRS 938, Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Paris
Inflammation and accelerated aging in HIV infected patients


Meeting number 49
Date 11/13/2009
Topic GRS European Seminar Series
Organizer Gianfranco Pancino

Javier Martinez-PIcado
Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Badalona, Spain
Capture and transfer of HIV-1 particles by mature dendritic cells converges with the exosome dissemination pathway


Meeting number 48
Date 10/27/2009
Topic HIV tropism
Organizer Lisa Chakrabarti

Bernard Lagane
Unité de Pathogénie Virale Moléculaire, Institut Pasteur, Paris
How allosteric regulation of CCR5 by low molecular weight molecules inhibits HIV entry

Cecilia Cheng-Mayer
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, New York, USA
To switch or not to switch: coreceptor use in SHIV infected macaques


Meeting number 47
Date 06/30/2009
Topic NK cells: an outsider in anti-HIV defences?
Organizer Gianfranco Pancino

Pascale Paul
INSERM UMR-S 608, Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille
Genetic and transcriptional factors in NK cell recognition and susceptibility to HIV infection

Domenico Mavilio
Instituto Clinico Humanitas, Rozzano (Milano), Italy
NK cell phenotypic and functional characterization in HIV-1 infection

Daniel Scott-Algara
Unité de Régulation des Infections Rétrovirales, Institut Pasteur, Paris
NK / DC interactions in HIV-1 infection


Meeting number 46
Date 06/16/2009
Topic CCR5 inhibitors in anti-HIV therapy
Organizer Claudine Duvivier

Pierre Corbeau
Unité Fonctionnelle d'Immunologie, CHU Carémeau, Nîmes
CCR5,virologic and immunologic player in HIV-1 infection

Pierre Delobel
Laboratoire de Virologie, INSERM U563, CHU de Toulouse
Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of HIV-1 tropism

Jacques Reynes
Service de Malaladies Infectieuses et Tropicales, CHU de Montpellier
Clinical issues and perspectives for the use of CCR5 inhibitors


Meeting number 45
Date 05/26/2009
Topic What can imaging teach us on HIV replication?
Organizer Gianfranco Pancino

Philippe Benaroch
Transport Intracellulaire et Immunité, Institut Curie, INSERM U932
HIV assembly in macrophages

Jérôme Feldmann
Unité Virus et Immunité, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Imaging of HIV cell to cell tranfer

Anna Cereseto
Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
Nuclear trafficking of HIV-1 pre-integration complexes in living cells


Meeting number 44
Date 03/03/2009
Topic Interferon and HIV
Organizer Lisa Chakrabarti

Michaela Müller-Trutwin
Unité de Régulation des Infections Rétrovirales, IP Paris
HIV/SIV pathogenesis and interferon-alpha: an issue of amounts?

Bruno Vaslin
Service d'Immuno-Virologie, CEA, Fontenay-aux-Roses
Simian immunodeficiency virus infection in macaques: plasmacytoid dendritic cells, type I IFN, and immune suppression

Anne Hosmalin
Equipe "Présentation de l'antigène par les cellules dendritiques", Institut Cochin, Paris
Interferon-alpha in the spleen of HIV infected patients


Meeting number 43
Date 01/28/2009
Topic Mucosal immunity and HIV
Organizer Frédéric Tangy

Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl
ISREC, Lausanne
HIV pathogenesis: the role of the gut

Thomas Lehner
Kings College, London
Association between innate immunity and memory in mucosal immunization, with special reference to APOBEC 3G

Armelle Phalipon
Unité de Pathogénie Microbienne Moléculaire, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Mucosal vaccines against bacillary dysentery: dream or reality?