GRS Meetings 2006


Meeting number

Date 10/19/06
Topic HIV/AIDS research in the International Network of Pasteur Institutes
Organizer Arnaud Fontanet
Chairperson Jean-Paul Viard

Ahidjo Ayouba
Institut Pasteur, Paris
HIV-1 resistance to anti-retrovirals in treatment naive pregnant women in Cambodia, Cameroon, and Central African Republic: the FSP/ARV study

Mathurin Cyrille Tejiokem
Centre Pasteur du Cameroun
Humoral response to EPI vaccines in HIV-positive children in Cameroon and Central African republic (the ACIP2004 study)

Muriel Vray et Yves Germani
Unité d'Epidémiologie des Maladies Emergentes et Unité de Pathogénie Microbienne Moléculaire , IP, Paris
Respiratory diseases associated to HIV infection in Senegal, Vietnam, and Central African Republic (the ANRS 1260 study)


Meeting number 27
Date 06/27/2006
Topic Genomic analysis of host/virus interactions and search for novel therapeutic targets
Organizer Frédéric Tangy
Chairperson Pierre-Olivier Vidalain

Richard Benarous
Institut Cochin, Paris
The HIV interactome: from double hybrid interactions to target validation and antiretroviral inhibitor screening

Ali Saïb
CNRS UMR 7151, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris
Early steps of HIV life cycle and restriction factors
Benno Schwikowski
Unité de Biologie Systémique, IP, Paris
Integrative analysis of a host-virus protein interaction network and associated gene expression data



Meeting number 26
Date 03/21/2006
Topic Susceptibility to HIV: role of host genetic factors
Organizer Michaela Müller-Trutwin

Luis Quintana-Murci
Unité de Prévention et Thérapie Moléculaire des Maladies Humaines, IP, Paris
Human genetics, evolution, and infectious diseases

Daniel Scott-Algara
Unité de Régulation des Infections Rétrovirales, IP, Paris
NK cells and susceptibility to HIV infection: a role for the host genetic background ?
Ioannis Théodorou
CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris
The strategy of candidate genes involved in HIV disease phenotypic variability: what future?



Meeting number 25
Date 02/21/2006
Topic Apoptosis and HIV: role of the TRAIL pathway
Organizer Lisa Chakrabarti
Chairperson Pierre-Olivier Vidalain

Damien Arnoult
Unité de Physiopathologie des Infections Lentivirales, IP, Paris
Mitochondria in HIV-induced apoptosis

Jean-Philippe Herbeuval
Experimental Immunology Branch, NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD
Role of IFN-alpha and TRAIL in HIV-1 immunopathogenesis
Anne Hosmalin
Equipe "Présentation de l'Antigène par les Cellules Dendritiques", Institut Cochin , Paris
Apoptosis of CD4+ T cells induced by dendritic cells: a role in cross-presentation ?