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Purified trimeric S protein as vaccine against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus infections

Inventors: R. ALTMEYER et al.

Description of invention: 

The scientists have produced a recombinant full-length S-protein trimer (TriSpike) of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) with native antigenic and receptor binding properties. When mice or hamsters were subcutaneously immunized with TriSpike in Alum adjuvant SARS CoV- specific antibodies could be detected in sera. Sera from immunised mice and hamsters neutralise SARS CoV infection of Vero E6 cells but enhance SARS CoV S-protein-mediated entry into human B cells up to 1000 fold. No enhancement was observed in mouse or human macrophages or peripheral blood mononuclear cells. In order to assess the capacity of vaccine-induced antibodies to protect from infection or enhance viral replication in vivo the inventors challenged TriSpike-vaccinated hamsters with SARS-CoV. Naïve hamsters replicate SARS-CoV to high titers in the upper and lower respiratory tract. In contrast, viral load was undetectable or greatly reduced in lungs of TriSpike vaccinated animals indicating that antibodies were neutralising and not enhancing in the respiratory tract in vivo.

Potential applications:

Use of recombinant trimeric S-protein as a candidate for a vaccine against SARS-CoV, use in immunogenic composition and in antiviral therapy.

Patent Status:

 US provisional application filed on June 28th, 2005 under the number US 694460
 US regular application filed on June 27th, 2006 under the number US 474237 and published under the number 20070003577
 PCT application filed on June 28th, 2006 (PCT/ IB2006/002597)


 Antibodies against trimeric S glycoprotein protect hamsters against SARS-CoV challenge
despite their capacity to mediate FcgammaRII-dependent entry into B cells in vitro.
Kam YW, Kien F, Roberts A, Cheung YC, Lamirande EW, Vogel L, Chu SL, Tse J, Guarner J, Zaki SR, Subbarao K, Peiris M, Nal B, Altmeyer R.
Vaccine. 2007 Jan 8;25(4) : 729-4


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