Projet financé terminé

2008 Welcome Trust “Userbility interface development for Open Source Image database OMERO/OME” 


This project supports software development for open source image database management in collaboration with the OME team (Pr. Jason Swedlow, Dundee Univeristy UK).

On particular this proposal focuses on “userbility” issues(ethnography) and will mobilize an expert ethnography team (headed by Dr. Catriona Macaulay, Dundee University, UK) to analyse on site our users as they work with the database interface.

The objective is to wholly improve the workflow by ensuring that the OMERO (OME remote objects) database tools are, more than just professional, but also both useful and user friendly in a manner that will enhance their value as scientific tools.

The financing support is for exchange visits allowing developers to work here in Paris ontemporary placement missions. It will also support the OME/OMERO Software Developers meeting to continue to be held annually here in Paris.

The previous two meetings (April 2007 & 2008; around 50 people) were hosted here in Pasteur but were self-funded. For further info see