Projet financé en cours

2008-2010 CEE FP7 MEMI “Micro-Enhanced Mirror Imaging” 300,000€

This project supports software development for open The project “Micromirror Enhanced Micro- Imaging” (MEMI) proposes a new development of micromirror based display devices into two quite different application areas based on optical microscopy: In the area of life sciences, specifically extending the time available for visualization of living organisms, and in the area of semiconductor metrology, where the visual content and qualities of specialized target structures can be greatly enhanced.

Display systems have undergone a revolution during the past decades with the advent of pixellated arrays based on either liquid crystal modulators or tilting micromirrors. The inherent random addressability and speed have enabled novel applications, such as lightweight, low-power displays for laptops and mobile phones, and high-quality, high-brightness display projectors.
The underlying technology of these display systems has shown itself readily extendable to other areas of enhancing the visual content indispensable to scientific research, such as in confocal microscopy.

We are working in a consortium of multi-disciplined expertise to develop and validate a new optical microscope imaging modality based on the use of a unique electronic optical subsystem design based on the MEMI core technology. Our particular expertise is in the development of a method for reproducible quantitative assessment of phototoxicity effects, wherein we will study phototoxicity in terms of light- budget improvements arising from the new technology compared to existing conventional methods.