Projet financé terminé

2007-2009 Project MODEXA 280,000€ (Region Ile de France)

A spin-off from the MNRT financing,  the project MODEXA has been engaged under the auspices of the pole de compétitivité engaging multiple partners (academic and commercial) in a project aiming to elaborate new in situ (intravital) imaging approaches focussing on nosocomial infection. Allowed us the opportunity to employ Kelly Rogers a leading expert in bioluminescence applications development as a research assistant in the Imagopole.

This project has so far generated one article on applications development that was well received in the Biological Physics community. Also, it has generated a DI describing a simple but potentially new paradigm approach allowing bioluminescence visualization in deep organ sites of interest for inflammation and infection (e.g. the liver).

This project has also provide the seed funding for a second new in situ bioluminescence/fluorescence imaging system to be installed into a P1 animal lab for non-infectious and/or isolation chamber work. Industrial/commercial interest in the results from this work are currently abundant, where three companies are vying for access to the expertise of our group (especially Kelly Rogers), and our intellectual property. Currently an industrial collaboration is under negotiation.