Projet financé terminé

2004-2007 MNRT - La Ministre déléguée à la recherché et aux nouvelles technologies Programme: 130,000€ « Plate-formes d’exploration fonctionnelles thématisée » collaboration with Olivier.Dussurget (Pasteur) : Projet : “Analyse intra-vitale dynamique de l’infection de la cellule, du tissu et de l’animal vivants” – Intravital dynamic analysis of cell, tissue and animal infection.

This project aimed at establishing the method and use of luminescent bacteria (LuxABCDE operon) in small rodent models for studying infection.

The financing led to the purchase of a bioluminescence dark-box imaging system that began our efforts in this field, and continues to sustain routine studies developing and using small rodent models for screening infection and anti-micobials.