Projet financé en cours

2008-2010 ANR Institut Carnot “Imagerie optique non invasive de processus infectieux nosocomiaux / Non invasive optical imaging of nosomial infectious diseases” 300,000€

This proposal responds to the need to develop, refine and validate imaging systems that would allow monitoring the homing and spread of pathogens into target tissues and organs, to assess their fate and, in the long run, to help evaluate the effect of new therapeutic strategies.

This project targets the problem of nosocomial diseases due to multi-resistant bacteria, through the study of K.pneumonia, which is considered to be the most frequent cause of Gram-negative community-acquired pneumonia and is one of the most frequently isolated Gram negative bacteria in nosocomial infections.

Our challenge is to obtain an integrated view of pathological processes in animal models by being able to visualize over time and quantify the appearance, development and regression of infection in vivo. Collaboration between several groups coordinated by Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin.