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Projets financés en cours (liste en cours d'élaboration)

Poster Début  Titre  Financements
   2011 Assembly and signalling mechanism of IL-7 receptor signalosome regulating CD4+ T-cell homeostasis and its alteration in HIV-infected patients.  
  2009 High content analysis of primary macrophages hosting Leishmania amastigotes: application to leishmanicidal agents identification.  
    Fluorescence by Unbound Excitation from Luminescence.  
    Fluorescence Tomography Imaging of bacterial infection.  
  2009 Quantifying Phototoxicity during Live Cell Imaging. CEE FP7 MEMI
  2012 Bioaxial Super Resolution Technology. Bioaxial
2012 MEMI-OP an illumination system for FRAP and Optogenetics. Fraunhofer Carnot M.I.
  2012 The Labex MI Fibroblast project : Characterization of the fibroblasts.  
  2012 Characterization of the collagen fiber architecture on colonic tissue through the SHG signal.  

Projets financés terminés

2009-2011 CEE FP7 LEISHDRUG “Targeting the Leishmania kinome for the development of novel anti-parasitic strategies” >More

2008-2010 CEE FP7 MEMI “Micro-Enhnaced Mirror Imaging”. >More

2008-2010 ANR Institut Carnot “Imagerie optique non invasive de processus infectieux nosocomiaux / Non invasive optical imaging of nosomial infectious diseases”. >More

2008 Welcome Trust “Userbility interface development for Open Source Image database OMERO/OME”.  >More

2007-2011 Conseil de la Region ile de France program SESAME “Imagopole- High- Content Imaging Cytometry”. >More

2007-2009 Project MODEXA (Région Ile de France). >More

2005-2008 CEE L’Union Européenne programme FP6-NEST (New and Emerging Science & Technologies)- project AUTOMATION (Chief coordinator and principle investigator). “A novel imaging system providing high-content high-throughput multi-dimensional analysis of microscopic biological structure inside non-adherent living cells”. > More.

2004-2007 MNRT - La Ministre déléguée à la recherché et aux nouvelles technologies Programme: « Plate-formes d’exploration fonctionnelles thématisée » collaboration with Olivier.Dussurget (Pasteur) : Projet : “Analyse intra-vitale dynamique de l’infection de la cellule, du tissu et de l’animal vivants” – Intravital dynamic analysis of cell, tissue and animal infection>More