Remerciements 2008

1) Lagha M., Kormish J. D., Rocancourt D., Manceau M., Epstein J. A., Zaret K. S., Relaix F., and Buckingham M. E., 2008.
Pax3 regulation of FGF signaling affects the progression of embryonic progenitorcells into the myogenic program. GENES & DEVELOPMENT 22 :1828–1837.

2) Ramphal R., Balloy V., Jyot J., Verna A., Si-Tahar M. and Chignard M., 2008.
Control of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in th Lung Requires the Recognition of Either Lipopolysaccharide or Flagellin. J.Immunol, 2008, 181 :586-592.

Publications 2008