Remerciements 2003

1) Catteau A, Kalinina O, Wagner MC, Deubel V, Courageot MP, Despres P, 2003.
Dengue virus M protein contains a proapoptotic sequence referred to as ApoptoM. J Gen Virol 84: 2781-93.

2) Desnos C, Schonn JS, Huet S, Tran VS, El-Amraoui A, Raposo G, Fanget I, Chapuis C, Menasche G, de Saint Basile G, Petit C, Cribier S, Henry JP, Darchen F, 2003.
Rab27A and its effector MyRIP link secretory granules to F-actin and control their motion towards release sites. J Cell Biol 163: 559-70.

3) Guy-Grand D, Azogui O, Celli S, Darche S, Nussenzweig MC, Kourilsky P, Vassalli P, 2003.
Extrathymic T cell lymphopoiesis: ontogeny and contribution to gut intraepithelial lymphocytes in athymic and euthymic mice. J Exp Med 197: 333-41.

4) Labruyere E, Zimmer C, Galy V, Olivo-Marin JC, Guillen N, 2003.
EhPAK, a member of the p21-activated kinase family, is involved in the control of Entamoeba histolytica migration and phagocytosis. J Cell Sci 116: 61-71.

5) Martin-Verdeaux S, Pombo I, Iannascoli B, Roa M, Varin-Blank N, Rivera J, Blank U, 2003.
Evidence of a role for Munc18-2 and microtubules in mast cell granule exocytosis. J Cell Sci 116: 325-34.

6) Mburu P, Mustapha M, Varela A, Weil D, El-Amraoui A, Holme RH, Rump A, Hardisty RE, Blanchard S, Coimbra RS, Perfettini I, Parkinson N, Mallon AM, Glenister P, Rogers MJ, Paige AJ, Moir L, Clay J, Rosenthal A, Liu XZ, Blanco G, Steel KP, Petit C, Brown SD, 2003.
Defects in whirlin, a PDZ domain molecule involved in stereocilia elongation, cause deafness in the whirler mouse and families with DFNB31. Nat Genet 34: 421-8.

7) Petit L, Gibert M, Gourch A, Bens M, Vandewalle A, Popoff MR, 2003.
Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin rapidly decreases membrane barrier permeability of polarized MDCK cells. Cell Microbiol 5: 155-64.

8) Petit P, Breard J, Montalescot V, El Hadj NB, Levade T, Popoff M, Geny B, 2003.
Lethal toxin from Clostridium sordellii induces apoptotic cell death by disruption of mitochondrial homeostasis in HL-60 cells. Cell Microbiol 5: 761-71.

9) Ragimbeau J, Dondi E, Alcover A, Eid P, Uze G, Pellegrini S, 2003.
The tyrosine kinase Tyk2 controls IFNAR1 cell surface expression. Embo J 22: 537-47.

10) Tailleux L, Gicquel B, Neyrolles O, 2003.
[DC-SIGN, a key receptor of Mycobacterium tuberculosis?]. Med Sci (Paris) 19: 658-60.

11) Tailleux L, Schwartz O, Herrmann JL, Pivert E, Jackson M, Amara A, Legres L, Dreher D, Nicod LP, Gluckman JC, Lagrange PH, Gicquel B, Neyrolles O, 2003.
DC-SIGN is the major Mycobacterium tuberculosis receptor on human dendritic cells. J Exp Med 197: 121-7.

12) Torres PS, Alcover A, Zapata DA, Arnaud J, Pacheco A, Martin-Fernandez JM, Villasevil EM, Sanal O, Regueiro JR, 2003.
TCR dynamics in human mature T lymphocytes lacking CD3 gamma. J Immunol 170: 5947-55.

13) Weil D, El-Amraoui A, Masmoudi S, Mustapha M, Kikkawa Y, Laine S, Delmaghani S, Adato A, Nadifi S, Zina ZB, Hamel C, Gal A, Ayadi H, Yonekawa H, Petit C, 2003.
Usher syndrome type I G (USH1G) is caused by mutations in the gene encoding SANS, a protein that associates with the USH1C protein, harmonin. Hum Mol Genet 12: 463-71.

14) Weil R, Schwamborn K, Alcover A, Bessia C, Di Bartolo V, Israel A, 2003.
Induction of the NF-kappaB cascade by recruitment of the scaffold molecule NEMO to the T cell receptor. Immunity 18: 13-26.

Publications 2003