Equipe PFID

Marie-Anne Nicola

  • Imagerie de bioluminescence (petit animal, tissus, cellules).
  • Epifluorescence sur cellules fixées.
  • Culture cellulaire
  • Traitement et analyse d’images sur les logiciels Living Image, Axiovision
  • Thèse de 3ème cycle de Pharmacologie Moléculair

Publications antérieurs

  • Lang T, Lecoeur H, Nicola M-A, Goyard S, Lebastard M and Milon G.: Bioluminescent Leishmania expressing luciferase for screening of drugs acting on parasite-loaded macrophages and for quantitative real-time monitoring of parasitism features in living mice. Congrès international "WordLeish3", Palerme, avril 2005.
  • Curie T, Rogers K, Colosante C, Brulet P : Red-Shifted Aequoria-Based Bioluminescent Reporters for In Vivo Imaging of Ca++ Signaling Molecular Imaging, 2007, jan-mar 6(1) 30-42
  • Asier Sáez-Cirión, Marie-Anne Nicola, Gianfranco Pancino, Spencer L. Shorte Method for quantitative real-time analysis of viral gene expression dynamics in single living cells. DI 05-80 filed for US patent application Nov 2005.