Equipe PFID

Dr Joseph Dragavon

Areas of interest/expertise:

Cellular Respiration, Cellular Imaging, Tissue Imaging, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, Oxygen Monitoring.


  • 2001 – 2006 University of Washington, Seattle, USA PhD, Analytical Chemistry
  • 1997 – 2001 University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, USA BSc, Chemistry

Precedent post

2007 – 2008 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Hull, Hull, United Kingdom

Research publications

Dragavon J, Molter M, Young A, McQuaide S, Zahn M, Holl M, Meldrum D, Lidstrom M, Burgess, L. (2008). Development of a Cellular Isolation System for Real-Time Single Cell Oxygen Consumption Monitoring. J. R. Soc. Interface. 5, S151-S159.

Molter T, Holl M, Dragavon J, McQuaide S, Anderson J, Young A, Burgess L, Lidstrom M, Meldrum D. (2008). A New Approach for Measuring Single Oxygen Consumption Rates. IEEE Trans. Autom. Sci. Eng. 5, 32-42.

Young A, Dragavon J, Strovas T, Zheng L, Jen A, Burgess L, Lidstrom M. (2007). Two-Photon Lithography of Platinum-Porphyrin Oxygen Sensors. IEEE Sensors. 7 (5-6), 931-936.

Strovas T, Dragavon J, Hankins T, Callis J, Burgess L, Lidstrom M. (2006). Measurement of Respiration Rates of Methylobacterium extorquens AM1 Using a Phosphorescence-Based Sensor. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 72 (2), 1692-1695.

McQuaide S, Holl M, Burgess L, Molter T, Dragavon J, Young A, Strovas T, Anderson J, Jen A, Karlsgodt B, Lidstrom M, Meldrum D. (2006). A Living Cell Array (LCA) for Multiparameter Cell Metabolism Studies. BioRob. 971-976.

Koschwanez J, Holl M, Marquardt J, Dragavon J, Burgess L, Meldrum D. (2004). Identification of budding yeast using a fiber-optic imaging bundle. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 1363-1365.

Rousslang K, Reid P, Haynes D, Holloway D, Dragavon J, Ross J. (2002). Time-Resolved Phosphorescence Of Tyrosine, Tyrosine Analogs, And Tyrosyl Residues In Oxytocin And Small Peptides. J. Pro. Chem. 21, 547-555.

External and Internal Recognition

  • Pasteur Foundation Fellowship
  • The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) Poster Award
  • Center for Process Analytical Chemistry (CPAC) Poster Award.
  • UW Research Fellowship
  • Murdoch Undergraduate Research fellowship