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Projets réalisés avec le GAIIx de juillet 2008 à décembre 2010

 Department Collaborative research Unit Project manager Projects Nature of the project
 Microbiology  Yersinia Elisabeth Carniel  Comparative genomics analysis of Y. pseudotuberculosis strains  Coll
 Genomes and Genetic  Biology of Intracellular Bacteria Carmen Buchrieser  Comparative genomics analysis of L. pneumophila strains Serv 
 Genomes and Genetic  Bacterial Evolution and Genomics Philippe Glaser  Sequencing of Staphylococcus aureus isolates responsible for diseases in human and animals Coll 
 Genomes and Genetic  Yeast Molecular Genetics Bernard Dujon  Adaptative evolution of yeast cells  Coll
 Genomes and Genetic  Fungal Biology and Pathogenicity Christophe d’Enfert  Sequencing of Candida glabrata and Candida albicans strains  Coll
 Genomes and Genetic  Genetics of Bacterial Genomes Antoine Danchin  Genomics analysis of E. coli mutants  Coll
 Microbiology  Pathogenesis of Bacterial Anaerobies
Bruno Dupuy  Comparative genomics analysis of C. difficile strains  Serv
 Genomes and Genetic  Integrated Mycobacterial Pathogenomics Roland Brosch  Comparative genomics analysis of M. tuberculosis and M. abscessus Serv 
 Genomes and Genetic  Bacterial Evolution and Genomics Philippe Glaser  Genomic population analysis of Streptococcus agalactiae Serv 
 Cordeliers Research Centre – UMR_S 872
 LMRA, Equipe 12
Michel Arthur  Genome sequencing identification of antibiotic-selected mutations responsible for activation of a new peptidoglycan transpeptidation pathway  Coll
 Infection and Epidemiology  Genotyping of Pathogens and Public Health Sylvain Brisse  «in-humano» evolution of Bifidobacterium animalis lactis strains Serv 
 Genomes and Genetic  Dynamics of the Genome Benoit Arcangioli Identification and characterization of chromosomal impriting in yeast S. pombe
 Genomes and Genetic  Bacterial genome plasticity Didier Mazel  Sequencing of a Vibrio vulnificus strain  Coll
 Microbiology  Genetics of Biofilms Jean-Marc Ghigo  Sequencing of E. coli mutants Serv 
 Genomes and Genetic  Macromolecular Interaction Genetics Alain Jacquier  Sequencing of cDNA library and PCR products (S. cerevisiae cells) Serv 
 Infection and Epidemiology  Lyssavirus dynamics and host adaptation
Hervé Bourhy  Sequencing analysis of laboratory isolates of Rhabdovirus  Coll

Coll: Collaboration (from sample library preparation to production of sequence files
and data analyses: mapping reads on the reference genome, detection of SNPs or indels and/or de novo assembly)
Serv: Service activity (from sample library preparation to production of sequence file)